back to article Palm retrospectively discounts developer fees

Not content with halving the price of applications, Palm has dropped its $50 listing fee too, and will be refunding fees already paid. Developers were notified by email, and many passed the message on to Pre Central. Some developers fear that the price cut will lead to a rush of spam-based applications, while others reckon it …


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  1. Ian K

    "Some developers...

    ...fear that the price cut will lead to a rush of spam-based applications, while others reckon it was the listing fee that held these at bay."

    "...while others..."???

    Surely you're describing the exact same set of developers twice there, just phrasing their views in slightly different ways each time?

    Now off to proof-read the dictionary for a while.

  2. mafoo

    HP Aquisition

    I think a few developers are rather tentative with the HP acquisition of palm.

    Why develop now? when, for what all intents and purposes, it is a dead platform as HP's interest is in the larger tablet form factor with more advanced hardware?

    Maybe palm know this and thats why they are refunding the deposits :)

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    HP still supportive

    Actually HP has just been encouraging all its staff to learn webos, there's no specific reason why they shouldn't try and stay in the handset business, as what palm have is way better than anything HP has ever offered with windows mobile. I say that as a former user of windows mobile.

  4. ceebee

    but if...

    If HP wants to develop a successful WebOS based tablet it will need an application rich app store which means courting developers.

    The WebOS was hurt by the lack of SDK etc at launch, reducing the cost to developers and to users can only help.

    Maybe this is just the first step in HP supporting and pushing WebOS based devices.

    Or maybe it is just a signal to MS that HP is serious about WebOS development?

  5. riCh chestMat

    WebOS isn't on anything cheap

    It's on 2 phones that might be quite nice but are only on O2 and are expensive to own. Even Windows Mobile is ahead in this respect. Why would I spend more on a Pre or Pixi when I can get an Android with loads more apps and a confirmed future.

    Palm should have subsidised the handsets to get them into more pockets. More pockets means more users and more app customers. More app customers means more demand for apps and more developers for apps. etc etc.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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