back to article Skype boosts results for exclusive operators

Good news for operators like Verizon Wireless, which have thrown their lot in with Skype rather than fighting the open web tide. The pioneer of cellco-Skype deals, 3 UK, claims the arrangement has brought it a massive boost to earnings. Research by CSS Insight showed that the benefits of Skype - or rather, the way 3 has …


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  1. wobbly1

    I'm on the churn

    I bought a Skype phone from 3 because i use Skype instant messaging extensively. .. Or at least I would on the mobile, if the Skype system worked on the phone. latency of up to 24 hours for phones in the same room ditto form a pc to a phone, now on my 3rd phone and the second the credit has gone, I'm offski. 3 may commission adverts of their operatives putting up masts for better reception in wild and wooly places , but they cant get a chuffing signal to my gaff in Eastbourne...

    Perhaps the low churn is due to people trying to use Skype to cancel their contracts.

    Skyped? Scalped!!

    a not happy bunny

  2. john loader

    But what about Android Skype?

    I changed my 3 Sony Ericcson for an HTC Hero - Skype on the oldphone, no Skype on the new. As 3 churns customers onto smartphones they'll lose Skype customers. I use Skype in for my business, a pain now no mobile version

This topic is closed for new posts.

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