back to article Red Hat turns the crank of KVM enterprise virt

Cloud infrastructure wannabe and Linux juggernaut Red Hat has announced the next rev of its Enterprise Virtualization commercial-grade KVM hypervisor, saying it has qualified it to scale further and also adding the ability to support desktop images as well as server images. At the Red Hat Summit today in Boston, the company …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    The statement:

    "vSphere management stack can only manage 32 hosts in a cluster as a single management domain."

    is crap. While true that only 32 hosts can be part of cluster, A single Virtual Center server can manage 200-300 hosts, and upto 1000 hosts in linked mode. And will increase in the near future ;)

  2. toor

    Management options

    Have they sorted out an alternative to the Windows only management server yet? Some sort of nice HTTP interface with accompanying API? That way I can get Nagios to kick off a script when the load exceeds a certain threshold to boot another VM and get my F5 iControl to add it into the LTM load balancer pool auto-magically.

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