back to article Unix beardies vs. clean shaven DBAs

Two Reg readers David Wood and Simon Painter, a commentard who goes by the handle THE VOCIFEROUS TIME WASTER - want you to join their latest charity stunt for Barnardos. Yes, it's the Great Beard Debate. Click on this link and join in. Dave and Simon have "long disagreed on the merits of Dave's ginger face fuzz and have …


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  1. Dave Murray


    Although ginger beards are an abomination.

  2. NB
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    1. sabroni Silver badge
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      best site ever!

      Well, best site ever about beards anyway....

  3. JasonW

    Unix Beardies?

    Surely Beardies are COBOL programmers? The Unix boys are the sandals-with-socks brigade.

    1. Mark Eaton-Park

      COBOL was written by a woman

      Hence no facial beard

    2. Quirkafleeg


      … what if you're a socks-with-sandals beardy?

    3. Rattus Rattus

      COBOL programmers?

      That seems topsy-turvy to me. When I was in school, I had to take two semesters of COBOL. The instructor was a clean-shaven old bloke who really did wear socks and sandals. He looked rather like Harold from Neighbors, actually. The admin of the school's UNIX system was a small, quiet man with a serious beard. He seemed to us students as someone who could at any moment snap and start carving his way throught the staff and students with an axe.

  4. The Vociferous Time Waster


    Please vote NO to beards!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Obviously

      Now here's my problem, I'm against beards but it's no fun if one of you isn't pissed off with the consequences. As I think you'd be more pissed off having to grow one I'll be voting beard.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Nobody in that image has a proper beard!

  6. Dapprman

    A Beard is for life, not just for the weekend !!!

    Looking round the office, I'm the only UNIX bod with a beard here, but a I note a number of the DBAs are wearing stubble (or is that the after effect of celebrating yesterday's win ?)

  7. WizardRobeAndHat

    love that shirt....

    Pure genius... solving the problem of children by giving them cancer.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Oracle DBAs and Stubble

      Well spotted, we Oracle DBAs often sprout stubble...

      Unlike Unix Admins, we have to spend all day listening to users whining about why their waste of space reports won't run quickly enough, we often slip into comas and wake up in the office the next morning having not been home!

  8. mamsey

    I'm with the Harry Hill camp...

    Dave and Simon have "long disagreed on the merits of Dave's ginger face fuzz and have decided to settle the matter in the only way they know how,


  9. Pirate Dave Silver badge

    are we sure...

    Simon CAN grow a beard? He looks to have problems growing hair on top of his head, what makes him think he can grow it on his face?

    Ah, but I jest. Surely.

    Good luck with the fundraising though. I'm not a beardie myself, since I'm a Linux fanboi and follow the cleanshaven lead of Torvalds.

  10. aBloke FromEarth

    Much as I've always admired Dave's beard / velcroface

    I'll have to vote "no".

    Icon is a pint of beer because you need a beard to join CAMRA.

  11. David Ritchie 1
    Gates Halo

    Beards are for Windows Users

    Beards are the result of leaving your face on default setting, and performing no maintainance.

    I should know, I've got a big ginger one!

  12. jake Silver badge

    Call me cynical ...

    What percentage goes to "charity", and what percentage goes to "overhead costs"?

    1. PC Paul
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      You say cynical like it's a bad thing...

      Nothing wrong with a healthy dose of cynicism.

      However in this case it looks OK:

      So about 5% is overheads, and for Gift Aid donations they don't take the fee until they get the gift aid refund from the taxman, so the charity get 100% of your donation immediately as well as the remainder of the gift aid after the 5% and CC fees have been taken out.

  13. Spathi
    Black Helicopters

    Beards rigged to win

    select count(*) from donations where comment like '%beard%'

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Off with his beard

    Off with it !

  15. Adrian 4 Silver badge

    Gonna have to do better than that

    It would seem the DBA needs all the help he can get. Bring on the beardy guy ..

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  16. TkH11


    We have an IT support bod that sports the long pony tail and unshaven. It's the stereotypical image of a an IT geek. When was the last time you saw a doctor or lawyer with one?

    We clamour to be recognised as professionals but then there are those of us that want to look like slobs. Mention IT to any female and they're instantly turned off.

    We don't exactly help ourselves do we?

    If you want to be a professional, treated with respect, with status, recogised as professionals by other professions then you need to look a professional, look smart.

  17. TkH11


    Cobol was written by a woman? That explains a lot!!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Image

      I've always been treated with respect and recognised as a professional no matter how I dress but then my work is of an exceptionally high quality.

      You sound to be one of those people who think burglars don't wear suits, operate at night and carry a bag with SWAG written on it.

  18. Joshua Goodall


    DBAs are just frustrated sysadmins anyway.

  19. Peter Mc Aulay

    Re: Re: Image

    Though wasn't there that study some time back, the conclusion of which was that since the stereotypical image of IT people shapes expectations, managers don't trust IT people in suits?

    Besides, my doctor has stubble and a pony tail.

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