back to article Is that a Wi-Fi media server in your pocket?

The distinction between the storage and transmission of stuff – a canyon wide enough to create rival industries in the past – gets more meaningless by the day. Vodafone's next personal Wi-Fi hotspot will have a file sharing built right into the dongle. That's if FCC filings and blog reports can be believed. The next-gen MiFi …


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  1. DataFish
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    ...even easier to spread malware and virus apps!

  2. Tom 64
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    good stuff...

    All they need to do is add an FM transmitter for the car, and I'll be sold!

  3. Anonymous Coward

    NO big deal

    I have already got one many years ago, it is called FM radio.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wait till many cars all have WiFi and storage...

    "Honey, I'm going to go out cruising for files. I'll be back in half an hour with some random movies."

    Try enforcing the rules with mobile WiFi enabled car-to-car file sharing.

    <Insert joke here about motorcyles and gay pr0n.> (relax, just kidding..)

  5. jamesrhamilton

    One of the MiFis...

    ... already has an SD card. Although I'm not sure if it's active...

  6. Anonymous John

    Media downloads?

    It's a good job that the mobile telcos aren't phasing out unlimited data.

    Oh ,wait a moment......

  7. mp3michael

    Local media streaming? NOT interesting

    Local media streaming is quaint - like hosting your own email or web server. It's fun for geeks who want to play but it's completely impractical for majority of users. It's expensive in terms of time to manage and cost of the machine and energy to run it. It's also much more limited when compared with online services which have the advantage of economies of scale.

    -- MR

  8. David Beck

    Nokia E Series?

    Is this somehow different from the DLNA server found in the Nokia E series? I know my E55 has both a client and a server built-in. You do have to turn the server on though, this may exceed the capability of the average touch interface user.

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