back to article World Cup in your pocket: iPhone vuvuzelas

With the World Cup now underway, iPhone owners can download a plethora of apps that can turn their Jobsian handhelds into simulacra of that ear-splittingly infuriating noisemaker, the vuvuzela. Should you choose the convenience of a pocketable vuvuzela rather than branding yourself as an obnoxious doofus by carrying the actual …


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  1. Tanuki

    Blow "View Haloo!" and let the chase begin!

    But do any of these 'apps' manage to get anywhere near the 126dB sound-pressure-level of a genuine Vuvu?

    If not, I want my money back.

    Coat? Mine's the one with the hunting-horn in the inside pocket.

  2. lawman

    In out in out shake it all about

    My son had the app on his phone on Saturday evening. Shaking the phone up and down causes the phone to sound like a bee fart.

    He took the phone with new app to the pub and said that by the end of the night at least half a dozen of his mates had the app.

    I predict that this craze will not last until the end of the World Cup.

    One of my neighbour's kids has a real one. I want to wrap it round his neck. In a kind and neighbourly fashion you understand.

  3. Steen Hive


    At long last soccer is as annoying to the ears as it is to the eyes and the intellect :-)

  4. fred #257
    Paris Hilton

    So THAT's what a Vuvuzela is!

    I thought it must be South American slang for [some favourite part of the female anatomy]. I'm so disappointed.

    Paris, because....

  5. Apocalypse Later

    Cheap enough for real

    I just bought a real vuvuzela at Lidl for one pound 99 pence. Might not be entirely authentic, as it is just two feet long (60cm) assembled. It comes apart in two pieces that screw together. It is VERY LOUD. I can't see paying anything for an electronic simulation played on a mobile phone. There is no way that could emulate the essential feature, VOLUME.

    That said, the people who are buying the simulations have previously bought an iphone, so symbol over substance will satisfy.

  6. Bonzo the Wonder Dog
    Thumb Down

    At least Mr Jobs is making some dosh from the World Cup

    It doesn't look like the south Africans are:

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ahhh... mplayer makes it all better....

    for those of you who are close to breaking point:

    mplayer -af pan=1:0.5:0.5,sinesuppress=233:0.01,sinesuppress=466:0.01,sinesuppress=932:0.01,sinesuppress=1864:0.01,sinesuppress=232:0.01,sinesuppress=465:0.01,sinesuppress=931:0.01,sinesuppress=1863:0.01,sinesuppress=234:0.01,sinesuppress=467:0.01,sinesuppress=933:0.01,sinesuppress=1865:0.01 [http://stream / file]

  8. DataFish


    Vuvuarse! These things ruin the 90 or so minutes that we get to watch the football, now we have to have some sad iPhone App geek in the room sounding one off too.....maybe there will be more violence during this world cup than expected...

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