back to article Boffins use Solaris to store the real Sun

Space watchers at the University of Central Lancashire are using Solaris ZFS and Sun Fire storage to hold a burgeoning stack of close-up pics of the real Sun. UCLan became a university in 1992, previously being the Lancashire Polytechnic. It was founded as the Institution for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge in 1828 by Joseph …


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  1. Nick Kew Silver badge

    Some things don't change

    It was 18 years ago - 1992 - I was contracted to develop software to manage a multi-terabyte archive of satellite image data. Back then it wasn't just a big harddisc: it meant a huge jukebox!

    What hasn't changed is that it was running on Sun hardware, and SunOS.

    1. Anonymous Coward
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      Solutions for data storage just following the Saros cycle then!

    2. Paul Johnston


      Except it's Oracle now!

    3. Kebabbert

      Nick Kew

      I wouldnt be suprised if your programs still run on Solaris today, as Solaris provides excellent backward compatibililty.

      Anyway, ZFS rules and I understand why more and more researchers such as CERN also chooses ZFS to store data.

  2. Sir Smokesalot

    Binned in 3 months?

    It seems a shame such cool images of the sun are deleted after 3 months. Given the cost / effort to obtain these pictures with a view to presumably better understand the monster ball of gas we call the sun, 3 months rolling data sounds daft to me, surely the images can be compressed / re sampled to a smaller file size for archive to then allow a larger / longer sample of the images to be analyzed......

  3. Tom Samplonius
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    Supplied by NASA

    Since they are supplied by NASA, NASA is likely keeping copies. NASA supplies all sorts of raw data for universities that are conducting research. Several universities could be getting the same data.

    Sun research is particularly relevant right now, since the Sun is currently breaking several known patterns on sunspots and energy output. Previously observed cycles have been broken, and no one really knows why.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Keeping copies

      Like they did of the moon landings.

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