back to article German 4G auction winds up

The month-long German radio spectrum mega-auction has finally wound up, with the existing operators snapping up all the available bandwidth and contributing €4.4bn to the German economy. The auction has been running for 27 working days, with 224 rounds of bidding as the four bidders vied for different combinations of …


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  1. zedee



    Todger more like

  2. Anthony Shortland

    get on with it already ofcom!

    why wait?

    That extra cash would go a fair way to plugging some of the hole in the deficit - potentially allowing for the budget cuts to be less severe this year wouldnt it?

    Plus, if we have to wait another year thats going to put us a year behind a lot of the western world in the use of the technology as well.

    1. dogged

      Are you nuts?

      Do you remember the 3G auctions, right about the time the er, last recession started?

      Operators paid ludicrous prices for spectrum that, in many cases, they're still not fully exploiting to try to meet a demand for mobile internetworking that simply wasn't there and, and this is important, still isn't there.

      Joe Public doesn't have an iPhone or Android or even a WinMob handset. He has something shiny and comfortable from Nokia or Samsug or LG that he uses to _make phone calls_ and _send and receive text messages_. Anyone who buys for more than that is in a truly miniscule minority.

  3. Aquilus

    Into the black hole it goes!

    Make the cheques payable to "Hellenic Republic".

This topic is closed for new posts.

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