back to article Lack of government won't slow gov IT spending

The City may be jittery but the hung parliament is likely to have little short-term effect on government IT projects, according to industry experts. Clive Longbottom, service director at industry analysts Quocirca, and Stuart Okin, former chief security officer at Microsoft UK who now works as managing director of security …


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  1. JohnG

    Loser's coalition

    Another possibility is that a coalition of losers will not be able to agree where cuts should be made and the ship of state will drift along, without any cuts being made at all. This would no doubt keep Unite and some government suppliers happy but might see significant sums of money heading out of the country and away from a ever weaker pound.

  2. Rob 30

    civil servants

    well according to 'yes minister' it doesn't make much difference at all who's in power, so surely having no-one in power wouldn't be that much different either.

    it's a big old machine, it'll just keep ticking along, i dare say there's a good chance it might even become more efficient without all the idiot leaders putting their oars in everywhere. if it's anything like my workplace.

  3. SteyBrae

    They're all users.

    "... a coalition of losers ..."

    Nobody won an overall majority, so we have a hung, or balanced, parliament.

    Lab + Lib (15M) represent more voters than Con (10M).

    The parties have to negotiate and agree a workable deal.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    The Source

    "former chief security officer at Microsoft UK"

    Their title doesn't inspire much confidence if you ask me!

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Incorrect assumptions on big projects...

    I work in public sector IT and I can tell you that pretty much no work has been done on Contact Point since last summer. As soon as it became obvious the tories and lib dems were both against it (and the Tory conference singled it out for chopping after the election) the project has been on an informal hold. So to suggest it will continue is incorrect. It stopped months ago. All that has been happening is that it is still "on the books" as it were. No real work is being done.

    If the informed source is out of the real picture on that one, what else doesn't he know...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I've worked on similar

      It's great when everyone working on something knows it's binned all bar the paperwork. You can't "officially" stop work, but it's amazing how little actually gets done.

      And, thanks to the government changing it's mind, i've worked on several such projects over the past 3 years, i've even built something, from scratch, 3 times and it still hasn't been released due to indecision.

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