back to article Tories buy YouTube home page

The Tories are making an election-day buy on YouTube's home page in a bid to get their message in front of "millions of voters." As announced by a Tweet from BBC tech and econ man Rory Cellan-Jones - nom de tweet: ruskin147 - the Tories have bought the main ad on YouTube for election day. The ad - a video of a David Cameron …


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  1. Lunatik

    I feel slightly nauseous...

    Looks very much part of the YouTube page, rather than an advert on it. Surely this crosses some sort of line? I mean, 'old media' companies like the BBC are virtually paralysed for fear of being accused of bias, but 'new media' companies like YouTube/Google are free to appear to promote anyone?

    Don't get me started on the press...

  2. Ian Ferguson

    Lib Dems



    1. N2 Silver badge

      Dont vote Lib Dem

      Because we get five more years of Gordon Clown - isnt that a good enough reason?

      and will the last person leaving turn off the lights because there wont be any nuclear power either.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Simple AdBlock for IE8...

    ...must work. 'Cos I don't see the tory ad (or any ad for that matter) on YouTube. No do I with FF, Iron, Opera....yeah!

  4. Llanfair


    Are you sure you have been covering this election fairly?

    You have a Tory guy to write a comment on how wonderful Conservatives are.

    You have a piece by Lewis Page on how the world is doomed under Lib Dems.

    Everyone has been having a go at Gordon Brown, so even if you put the most wonderful review about him, it's not going to wash with anyone as they have all become brainwashed by the papers. Also the fact that the economy went down due to bankers' greed.

  5. Evil Auditor Silver badge

    Voters or nerds?

    How comes the parties believe that those FaceTube Tweets will lift their lazy arses and go voting for them?

    Funny though, Labours youtube channel is called labourvision - a pun on Gordon's eyesight?

  6. Ralph B
    Thumb Down

    Now factor in yoot apathy

    > Cellan-Jones claims the Tory ad will reach ten times as many prospective voters as the

    > LibDem's full-page Times ad, but cost less.

    Except that the prospective voters reached via the Times ad will have actually bothered to register to vote, and those reached via YouTube won't have.

  7. Martin Howe
    Big Brother

    LibLabCon is so 20th Century...

    ... fancy El Reg succumbing to the "any colour as long as it's Red, Blue or Yellow" fashion so loved by the mainstream media. Tut. Tut. You'd think there were no other parties in the UK. In the interests of the Real Opposition I feel inclined to redress the balance a bit ;)


    * Homepage -

    * Twitter -

    * Facebook -

    * YouTube -

    Disclaimer: there are other parties (allegedly). BB, for obvious reasons.

    1. The First Dave Silver badge



      Who cares about balanced, give me accurate any day.

      1. Llanfair

        If you want accurate...

        How about saying David Cameron wants to get rid of Radio 1. David Cameron accepted free flights to hold private talks with Rupert Murdoch on his luxury yacht off a Greek island last summer.


        Let's see if Lewis Page lets this comment to be posted.

        1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

          Re: If you want accurate...

          I decide what comments get posted. So there.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      UKIP? Might as well vote BNP

      They are a single policy party too.

      Instead of cutting ourselves off from Europe we need to take charge, independence means reduced markets and financial isolation, for an economy that makes very little that's dangerous and makes us more dependent on the US financial markets.

      As this is a science and technology site lets discuss their policies in these terms, they support Homeopathy - nuff said?

      When asked about stem cell research the best they could do is have a plicy of "not killing very small children", they really haven't given it much thought have they?

      "The correct policy approach to the non-problem of 'global warming' is to have the courage to do nothing" DO NOTHING? ignore the fact that there is evidence of humanities impact on the environment? not "investigate" or "verify" or "research" but just "ignore", how about making sure the UK has energy? "enough fossil-fuelled and nuclear power stations to meet demand" well that's OK then, don't worry about fossil fuels and nuclear waste.

      While Europe and Imigration are obviously important topics, this party cannot think of anything else;

      Paul Wiffen (chair of UKIP London) publically suspended after making racist comments (and then quietly let off).

      The difference between people coming in and going out has decreased stedily over the last 5 years, there's less assylum seeker applications now than 10 years ago (and dropping sharply) even so, Boris Johnson wants an amnesty for illegal immigrants, btw EU migrants pay 37% more tax than they receive in welfare, so the UK economy would be worse off if we didn't have them here.

      The UKIP may not like the EU and have built their one policy party around that fact, it's not even a very good policy.

      1. I didn't do IT.


        Ok, sorry, have to put something out here. Please feel free to ignore if you want; the world will continue without US. (see what I did there? "US" *and* "us", yep.)

        "...they support Homeopathy - nuff said?"

        The greatest drain on any health care system for a relatively healthy people is the hypocondriacs. Homeopathy is the best "cure" for their "illness", though they may still bug you until they get the latest, newest drug for their "condition". The one they saw on an ad during Fox News or Eastenders or Coronation Street, etc. If only 5% of illness is psycho-somatic, that is how many billions saved? Scientific medicine is using the proper cure for the correctly diagnosed condition. If its all in their heads, that's where you need to start. And besides, it does provide the attention and self-affirmation that they are craving in the first place, and at a lower price than a "real(?!)" doctor.

        "independence means reduced markets and financial isolation, for an economy that makes very little that's dangerous and makes us more dependent on the US financial markets."

        So the requirements for independence make you more dependent... yeah. Ok. Sure. I think I see how the bankers got away with scr#wing everyone for so long right there. I didn't think you could buy that kind of propoganda thinking. O.o

        Now, admittedly, once you have gotten used to the disposable, consumerist teet, it sure is hard to get weened off. But, if all that sweetness is causing you diabetes anyway, what have you got to lose but your own weakness and dependence? Take control of your life and MAKE A CHOICE; don't just lay about so you can complain about the lack of time you end up with when it hits the fan personally, socially, or nationally.

        "..."ignore"... climate research...not "investigate" or "verify" or "research" but just "ignore"..."

        No, NOT to stop solid scientific research, but to stop jumping the gun pouring money into the latest snake oil salesmen (obviously THATS renewable, eh?) and taxing the bejebus out of you lot while ensuring that the elite and their quangos remain living high off the hog of your tax pounds or making new financial empires since mortgages are now verbotten to manipulate. When you have "science" following policy or being motivated by political money then you don't have science; you have prostitutes in lab coats (which can still be pretty hot, mind) with pretty graphs for Murdock's tele-teet sucklers.

        "Science" is rigorous, practiced, REPEATABLE, and proven by ALL DATA; no cherry-picking, no fudging number curves to what it "should" say, no modifying or destroying data that doesn't fit your hypothesis. If you change, omit, or ignore the data to fit your hypothesis - THAT IS NOT SCIENCE. And sure as hell not "settled."

        "...btw EU migrants pay 37% more tax than they receive in welfare, so the UK economy would be worse off if we didn't have them here."

        So, any migrant taking "welfare" pays a penalty of 37% of the amount of welfare they receive? So that's up to 137% of total income that they owe in taxes? Are we sharecropping and making them buy at company stores, too? How effective is this, and how can we really take 37% more than they make, if all they "make" is the welfare payment? If, by definition, unemployed (can't work without ID, you know) or under-employed migrants on welfare will NEVER be able to pay the tax they owe, is the government hoping to create a 2nd (or is it 3rd, eh?) class of citizen, a new kind of indentured servant, that can never crawl out of debt? Does the country they come from take on that debt to ease off trade deficits?

        Again, no wonder the bankers shistered us, eh?

        Agree or not, make sure you get your butts out there and vote. If they are going to claim a flipping "mandate" anyway, MAKE IT ONE THEY REALLY HAVE TO WORK TO SPIN. Be a citizen, dammit!

        1. Anonymous Coward

          Re: Rly?

          Stop your drivel....

          So you accept that Homeopathy is just a placebo? but still you think that people should be nurtured in their hypocondria? NO! this just continues the drain on society, it increases the demand and no it's not cheaper, the "medicines" are cheap (they are water) but the "doctors" cost more, do some research. A homeopath that charges to treat *nothing* costs more than a doctor that does not treat *nothing* building up a psycological dependency on water or sugar tablets creates it's own market.

          Not sure what your babble about the banks was all about, but what you don't seem to realise is that the UK makes most of it's money from "invisible earnings", i.e. the financial markets, and the world reserve currency is the Dollar, so we are tied to the Dollar or we go bancrupt, as the Euro gains strength (Greece will be interesting) the reserve currency will change either to the Euro or a combination of the Euro and the Yuan, either way we need Europe.

          Ahhh... you're a climate change denier....look up "Arctic Climate Impact Assessment", "Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change" and "U.S. Global Change Research Program" they all agree (along with 32 national science acadamies), guess what they agree on? no it's not the UKIP stance of sticking your fingers in you ears and going "lalalalalalalalalalalalalala".

          I said "EU migrants pay 37% more tax than they receive in welfare" I don't mean each migrant individually (you idiot) I mean overall! some get benefits and some pay taxes, on average the UK is 37% better off, if you can't work this out then I suspect you wouldn't be able to find your arse with both hands, a map and a mirror let alone find a polling station (but it does demonstrate the thinking power of a UKIP voter I suppose).

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Was an early prototype of smellovision I believe. Everything smelt like beer farts so they sold it to Gordon Brown to give to his children.

    4. JShel

      Aahh so that's how you split them up

      As an American, I thought all your Tea Party types were in the BNP.

      Now I see some of your distinctions:

      Upper class twits = UKIP

      Yobbos = BNP

      Always enjoy learning about other cultures.

      (yes, a rarity over here I know:)

      1. Michael 28

        ExcUUUUUUse me BUT!!!!!

        ......not all so-called "Yobbos" are in the BNP, and i'm replying to say how shocked and apalled I am at such cultural profiling , and offer the following links for your personal consideration.

        and me fave,

        .... chavs, on the other hand? does this include cornish individuals?

        1. JShel

          The learning continues...

          I appreciate your efforts, but it seems only the Neds would be eligible to vote (and thus earn a party affiliation), the remainder are just there to be chased, Benny Hill style, by the BNPs into the Channel?

    5. Jon Green
      Black Helicopters

      UKIP - it'll never fly

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: UKIP - It'l never fly.

        Farage has suffered a chip to his spine.

        That'll match the one on his shoulder then.

  8. Anonymous Coward


    Why is El Reg advertising a Tory promotional video?

    Has this site come out officially as pro Conservative?

    If not then why not as it's obvious to world+dog who they are touting.

    1. Ken Hagan Gold badge


      It may be obvious to them, but it certainly isn't obvious to me. Then again, I've only be reading the site for a decade or so. Perhaps you should try reading the article. You might find it isn't an advert for an advert. (Does that even count as support?) Rather, it merely notes that the Tories are continuing to campaign even on election day. Given that they'd be shot to pieces if they tried it in certain other media, that's both newsworthy and IT-related.

      And anyway, it's not like anyone with a brain is going to be swayed by anything they find on Farcebook (or anything by David Cameron, for that matter).

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Paris Hilton


      Why is a reported in America writing it?

      1. I didn't do IT.

        Re: Reporter in America

        Because all the Brit reporters are out there trying to take control of their lives and Country by voting their conscience?

        Just saying... GO VOTE.

  9. irish donkey
    Thumb Down

    Don't care

    still won't vote for them

    althought i'm sure 'Lewis Page' will be banging his blue drum shortly.

    We want balance!

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    is it effective?

    When I do enter youtube via its index page, rather than via a link to a video, i'm usually looking for something, so head straight for search rather than hovering about on the first page. I think the only time i've ever clicked links on the first page is to test my flash installation on linux.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Alphabetical Order?!

    What?! I'm incensed! Microsoft have clearly shown that the best way to order things via their browser ballot screen is for it to be random!

  12. Joel 1

    Oh dear, money down the tube...

    What a shame for the tories - their ad turns out to be blocked by my Ad Block settings....

  13. Anonymous Coward

    Can't vote

    Damn volcano stole my registration

    1. TeeCee Gold badge

      A Standing Ovation.

      Is in order for that novel take on "the dog ate my homework".

  14. No, I will not fix your computer
    Thumb Up

    No such thing as bad advertising?

    The Tory YouTube vids are great, well produced and interesting, anyone with any common sense should watch and read all election stuff, as long as you remember it is just propaganda, are Labour really responsible for the global economic meltdown? would it have been better or worse under the Tories? if the banking crisis was a result of greedy fat bankers which way have they been voting? has Labour actually made money on RBS now as the share price has gone up 500%? which parties supported invading iraq? Who created the NHS? who opposed creation of the NHS? who cut funding? who maintained or increased funding? was it right to sell the gold reserves?

    Vote today, if you make an uninformed decision that's your choice.

    1. TeeCee Gold badge

      You forgot:

      Who inherited a booming economy in surplus and pissed all the money on the wall so, when the inevitable downturn came, we all got right, royally fucked Big Time?

      Also: "Which party actually invaded Iraq?" is relevant in there too, since you brought it up.

      Using Iraq in your Tory-bashing rather reminded me of the fact that "Almeida" is recorded on the Arc de Triomphe. As Cornwell rather memorably put it: "They obviously didn't have enough victories to fill it up, so they put a few defeats on there too.".

      1. Ocular Sinister

        Minority Dictatorships

        The problem is, though, the labour party screwed things up by following the same path the Tories had already set.

        In any case, this election isn't about the economy - there's no room for manoeuvre there. This election is about parliamentary and electoral reforms and despite Cameron's shrill cries of 'Vote for change' he absolutely doesn't want any change. The same is true for Brown - he had plenty of chances to implement electoral reform - his time is up. I know which way my vote is going 'cos I'm sick and tired of minority parliamentary dictatorships.

      2. No, I will not fix your computer
        Thumb Up


        >>Who inherited a booming economy in surplus and pissed all the money on the wall so, when the inevitable downturn came, we all got right, royally fucked Big Time?

        hmmm... GDP was steadily increasing by not less than 1.8% from 1997-2007 you might also be too young to remeber the 1982-1987 and 1990-1992 recessions that were purely UK recessions, brought about by the Tory government, shrinking enconomy and unemployment at an all time high. Labour inherreted a heavily overdrawn economy, selling the gold reserves wasn't "for a laugh", right up until 2008 the UK economy was one of the strongest EU economies in terms of inflation, interest rates and unemployment.

        This recession is a global one, not a local one, historically Tories have caused local recessions (only affecting the UK), you can argue that the UK could have somehow magically been fine (while the rest of the world crumbled) if Tory policies were in place to protect the UK, but there's no basis for this, and more importantly Labour policies are (hopefully) pulling us out of recession (the government have made money out of RBS so far, the shares are worth more than the government paid, a policy that the Tories opposed).

        >>Also: "Which party actually invaded Iraq?" is relevant in there too, since you brought it up.

        I don't think any "party" invaded Iraq, it was a UN resolution (which is of course a different argument), but it was supported by a house of commons vote, where a higher percentage of Tories were up for invasion than Labour.

        >>Using Iraq in your Tory-bashing

        Apologies, my previous post wasn't meant to be Tory-bashing per-se, it was meant as a response to the pro-Tory YouTube vid, I really reccommend looking at both sides of any argument, for example I think Blairs "secret" christianity may have influenced his support of Bush which although as head of CoE may be expected perhaps it influenced some of his more questionable decisions.

        About 6 hours left to vote....... Vote for whichever party you think is right, but before you do, maybe look at the policies, do some research, make an informed choice (or not, it's your vote).

        1. Hans 1 Silver badge

          Invasion of Iraq a UN resolution????

          Now, it is well known that the US, UK, Spain, Italy, Australia and many other nations that took part in the invasion of Iraq acted against international treaties, against international law and AGAINST the UN. Hands Blix (typo intented ... we share a name) was still looking for arms of mass destruction, remember ... but could not find any, because there were none ...

          I do not know where you get that BS from, but yes, the Blair "Administration" went and invaded Iraq, against the will of his own people with your tax money ... they even tried to put him on trial, because he lied at the time ...

          Blair has a bank account somewhere filled with petro-dollars ... I cannot see another reason why he went to invade Iraq.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If David Cameron wants to be on You Tube...

    ...then he won't object to this video on You Tube where he lost the plot and had to ask for filming to stop -

  16. Adam Trickett

    Are YouTube users old enough to vote?

    I have the feeling that while all this new media is fun it's not the real world. Having said that I'm not sure most people even pay attention to the old media either, but that's another story.

  17. Velv Silver badge
    Paris Hilton


    Paris for PM :)

    Just think of the fun at the G8 and G20

    Would certainly sort out the current Twits Tweets

    (coat already in hand)

  18. MattWPBS

    Worth mentioning...

    The 160,000+ on the unofficial Lib Dem Facebook group.

    Get in. Hopefully we'll see some real change in the electoral system after this.

  19. jimbarter



  20. Semihere

    No need for Adblock

    The only thing you need to do in order to counter any notions of anyone ever considering voting Tory is to say "remember Thatcher" and you'll soon bring them back to their senses.


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      that some out there, still recognise some of what she did as being the right thing at the right time.

      To quote Marcus Antonius

      "The evil that men do lives after them;

      The good is oft interred with their bones"

      And might motivate them differently.

      And i do remember the Lib-Lab pact of the last hung parliament, followed by the Winter of Discontent.

  21. Anonymous Coward


    I can understand how all the workshy dolescum Labour voters can find time to post drivel about their parties on here, but what are the Tory and UKIP supporters doing? Back to work, it's only 8pm!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Generalising a bit there Cowardie Custard.

      Have you been sneaking off and reading that Daily Fail again you naughty boy.

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