back to article IBM shells out for Cast Iron

IBM has purchased Cast Iron System, an outfit that sells application integration appliances. Everything is cloudy these days, and now, the appliances sold by Cast Iron will have that puffy label slapped on them after Big Blue shelled out an unknown amount of cash for the company. Cast Iron was founded in 2001 as IronHide Corp …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Corrections in statements regarding IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture ("CDC")

    IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture ("CDC") is the product name for the solution formerly known as DataMirror Transformation Server.

    The CDC product is in no way competitive to the Cast Iron solution portfolio.

    Low latency database log based change data capture (CDC) is a different technology and integration point vs Cast Iron.

    These are complementary products used to solve different business requirements.

    I am a loyal Register reader, but felt it important to highlight that this new acquisition within IBM in no way conflicts, distracts or otherwise affects the CDC product line. Please update the story as you deem necessary to address these facts.


This topic is closed for new posts.

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