back to article Music biz defends ISP from music biz

The international music lobby group IFPI has come out in support of Danish ISP TDC in litigation brought by the country's songwriters. TDC's Play service bundles an all-you-can-eat music download service with an internet subscription, and it added streaming at the end of last year. Real numbers are hard to find, but Play is …


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  1. SlabMan

    In t'olden days

    A publisher manufactured music printed on paper. A record company manufactured music printed on plastic discs. In the glorious golden future, music is a spectrum of digital delivery formats from notes in a PDF, through midi files, to audio and video files. The distinction between publisher and record company is no longer relevant. So where does that leave the weird hybrid entities that have evolved to collect royalties and enforce rights? Perhaps it's time for musicians dissatisfied with the status quo to form a new association that belongs in the 21st century?

    1. Andrew Orlowski (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: In t'olden days

      Because there are two copyrights - the composition and the recording itself. The format that the recording comes from doesn't change that.

    2. Bo Pedersen

      Totally agree

      Of course until new talent makes it onto the board of directors at these big companies, the powers that be will be unable to get their head around the new music marketplace.

      They have to realise, the customer is not the enemy.

  2. Subban

    What is it with this week..

    Apple calls Adobe closed.

    Yahoo gives Google business advice..

    And finally now, Music biz defends ISP from music biz

    What next, "Politician answer a straight question with a straight answer" ??

    "Microsoft releases Windows source code" ??

    I'm getting all confused lately.

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  4. Tired and Jaded

    The more things change ...

    ... the more they stay the same. The labels still cannot understand that they are no longer distributors, but content owners. Have they also forgotten that many of their recording artists are composers as well! IFPI's tail is wagging the old dog and they should be fighting for a fairer payment for content generally rather than simply serving their bottom line. Perhaps that's it - they figure that if composers are paid more, they'll be paid less - it's not about what they perceive as being fair to TDC but what's best for their pockets.

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