back to article AMD set to release low-cost six-core Phenom IIs

AMD is poised to release its new six-core enthusiast-level processors at prices far below competing Intel parts, and Asustek, Gigabyte, and MSI are busily readying motherboards in anticipation of the launch. So say "sources from motherboard makers" speaking with the Taiwanese market-watchers at DigiTimes. According to that …


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  1. Steven Raith

    AM2+ compatability?

    Can anyone tell me if these chips will slot into an AM2+ mobo? My XenServer [currently running a Phenom II 920 2.8ghz jobby] could do with a bit more computational shove.

    Steven R

    1. Snobol4

      Re: AM2+ compatability?

      >> Can anyone tell me if these chips will slot into an AM2+ mobo?

      An AM3 CPU should run in an AM2+ specified board. However, the DRAM will be DDR2 instead of DDR3, so performance will be down compared to an AM3 motherboard.

      Also depends on the BIOS of course....

      1. Steven Raith
        Thumb Up


        Cheers AB3 and Snobol - interesting to know.

        I chickened out of popping an AM3 Phenom II in there last time as I was concerned about compatibility, so I'll keep tabs and check with Asus and see what they say.

        It's an Asus T3 barebones, with 8gb in it at the moment - runs my media transcoding servers and music streamers, and experimental stuff like alternate linux distros and what not, so more CPU power = faster transcoding, etc.

        A grateful,

        Steven R

    2. Nextweek

      AM2+ compatability

      Short answer: no you cannot. You'll need a new motherboard.

      1. Ian McNee


        ...the short answer is: yes (probably) - most AM2+ mainboards will work with AM3 CPUs, though as Snobol4 says you may need a BIOS upgrade. Check your mainboard model+PCB revision+BIOS version on the manufacturer's website.

        The way is works with AM2/AM2+/AM3 is that newer processors may work in older sockets but not the other way around.

  2. PaddyPower
    Paris Hilton

    show me the 12s

    Yawn, 6 cores are so last year.. I'm holding my breath for the 12cores.. although, at this price, i could buy 4x6cores for 1x12core....

    With rendering, it's all about the cores...

    Paris, because she knows 12" is better than 6....

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Paris Hilton

      RE :Paris, because she knows 12" is better than 6...

      Maybe 4 lots of 6" all going at once is preferable to a single 12

    2. Rob Beard

      Only problem with that...

      The Phenom II is a desktop CPU, so you're limited to one CPU. You could probably get a workstation or server class board though and chuck a couple of Opterons although I dare say you'd be paying a tad more.

      I'm wondering if AMD might up their game a bit later on this year and release 8 core and 12 core desktop parts (basically sticking two dies on one chip like they have with the Opteron).


  3. Anonymous Coward

    What's the point

    of having six cores if you can't put in enough memory to make full use of them ? They need to start making desktop motherboards with 6 or 8 DIMM slots so we can fill them with cheap 2GB memory instead of expensive 4GB memory for a decent total.

  4. A B 3

    Re: socket

    When I read the announcement on THG they said it would come in AM2 and AM3 versions.

    Fusion (with onchip graphics) will get a socket change next year.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Much as I love a powerful beast on my desk

    That's quite a bit of beef for auntie doris to send a few emails and lay out the parish magazine with.

    She can be pumping spam as fast as her broadband can take it with no noticeable drop in performance.

    Most of that power is needed to run the fs*xkn operating system these days.

    Bring back DOS / word perfect

  6. Anonymous Coward

    socket AM3 cpus work in socket AM2+ motherboards

    Hi, don't be afraid to do this, so long as your bios has an update for Phenom II x4, AM3 cpus contain support for DDR2 or DDR3. Not sure about 6 core Phenom II will have to research. I don't thnik the short answer is sufficient answer. AMD rules!

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