back to article Cybercrime talks end in failure

Plans to ratify an updated version of a global treaty against cybercrime have failed. Negotiations on modifying the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime to take into account third world objections and the move to cloud computing floundered after delegates attending an international conference in Brazil last week failed to reach …


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  1. ssullivan

    Interesting to see national differences...

    ... on such a supposedly 'straightforward' topic. Note the article points to "'the South' says it wants more involvement in drafting the next such law..." Reminiscent somewhat of Copenhagen. Real movement on this topic needs to be private sector driven and not left up to government horse-trading, perhaps?

    1. bell

      Ordinarily I would agree ...

      This is not a topic that the private sector can really do much about though. The big issues are law enforcement co-operation, extradition, harmonisation of offence descriptions and the like. Very much government activities.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    It is a perfectly sound result!

    Should one be a delegate and of course the teams would have attended several other conferences and for the time being have another interesting venue to identify another venue for some time in the future.

    So, from a delegates point of view: excellent result that did not approach any conclusion at all and leaves us with opportunity, scope and future budgets to take this on to at least another two venues before we have to (unfortunately) reach a decision.

    (Apologies for my misguided sense of humour. I merely wish to point out that it is not in delegates self interest for the topic to reach conclusion swiftly otherwise future jollies might be in jeopardy)

This topic is closed for new posts.

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