back to article Cameron promises yet more Avatar

Those of you who simply haven't had enough Avatar will be pleased to learn that James Cameron has revealed he's planning a sequel in which he'll be "focusing on the ocean on Pandora". Speaking to the LA Times, the helmsman described this new environment as "equally rich and diverse and crazy and imaginative" as Avatar's …


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  1. Matt_V
    Paris Hilton


    thought this was a new conservative policy....

  2. Peter Kay

    Who cares? It's useless until it's released in stereoscopic 3D

    As a movie it has a sub par plot, extremely average dialogue and wooden acting.

    The only reason to see it is the stereoscopic 3D, which is impressive and well integrated. Wait till 2011 and the 3D version comes out.

  3. Dale 3

    good business

    Looks like Cameron is learning a trick or two from George Lucas.

    I'm wondering whether I can take my original cinema ticket and get upgrade pricing for the extra six minutes.

  4. Nigel Whitfield.

    I saw the headline ...

    ... and thought "Another reason to vote Lib Dem"

  5. CraigRoberts

    Insert your own title here

    Saw Avatar...

    ....Went "wooo" for a bit 'cos the 3D and effects were pretty good...

    ... Stopped going "wooo" when I realised that it was no "Aliens" and that the script was clunkier than an extremely clunky thing...

    ... Forgot about it...

    Kick Ass on the other hand - 2D, $30 million to make (apparently) - and it was pure brilliance.

  6. nick 30

    I cant wait.

    Anyone have any idea what the next film will be based on?

    I was lucky enough to see Avatar about 12 years ago when Disney called it Pocahontas. It looks much better without the oversized smurfs and unconvincing 3D too. I'd like to see the next film a few years ago too so I can brag to my friends.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      re: I cant wait

      Let's see... Oceans...

      My money is on either Titanic or The Little Mermaid.

      1. Secretgeek

        re: re:I can't wait

        Or probably both.

        With pirates...yarrr.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I thought all of the cult following had ritualistically killed themselves in order to be reincarnated, as by their beliefs, on the heavenly world of Pandora.

    If they haven't, how can we encourage this?

  8. Andy 97
    Dead Vulture

    Bah, foiled again!

    And I thought you were saying the erstwhile Tory leader was jacking all the political crap in to concentrate on big screen sci-fi nonsense.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Plagiarism 2 - The Smurf Strikes Back

    Looking forward to seeing which Disney film he rips off this time and which artist inspires the world.

  10. fishman

    No 3-D

    Might as well wait for the 3-D version to come out on BD. So I'll wait until I get a 3-D compatable BD player, and a 3-D compatible HDTV. With extra 3-D glasses for the whole family. $$$$$$$$$$$$

  11. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

    Completely different meaning

    I read that wrong. I saw 'Cameron Promises' and instantly thought 'election', my mind was not easily to be derailed from this and suddenly I had a mental picture of the Conservative front bench as 9 foot tall Smurfs In Space (tm)...

    I know politics has become increasingly obsessed with celebrity and triviality, but parties offering film sequels really would be scraping the bottom of the barrel. I suppose 'Mandelson in Darth Vader Sequel Pledge' isn't beyond the realms of possibility though.

    Obviously the SNP could give us 'Braveheart II' - He's back and this time it's personal.

    The DUP: 'Oranges ARE The Only Fruit'

    I wonder what kind of films Lord Adonis would produce...

    **Gets message, and gets coat**

  12. blackworx

    Hmmm, Avatar... Avatar...

    ...Isn't that the talkie everyone was getting their knickers in a twist about recently? I seem to recall some sort of save-the-planet undercurrent to it all, which I must say at a quick glance doesn't seem to have had much effect on the earth-bleeding, third world-mugging, celebutard-obsessed habits of anyone, least of all the aforementioned pantyhose-losers.

    Oh well, perhaps a sequel and a few more gigafucktons of blue plastic merchandise will do the trick.

  13. shade82000

    Vote Liberal

    Avatar yeah? Disguise yourselves as something you are not? Make bestest friends with the local people? Pretend to like them? Pretend to help them? Then blow the s**t out of them. mean James, not David?

  14. Circadian

    will the next one be...

    If the first Avatar was a rip-off of Pochontas, will the undersea one be an "artistic reimagining" of The Little Mermaid?

  15. Chad H.


    Will James Cameons next visit to the world of Warcraft feature the goblins of Undermine?

  16. Dayjo

    F**king Fantastic.

    I suppose, milking is the Hollywood way, but milking a cow that produces sour milk is bloody stupid.... and people that drink that sour milk are even worse.

  17. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Hang on

    6 more minutes ? So now we have Star Wars-type rewrites that are implemented in less than a year after the original screening ?

    Good Lord, at least Lucas was polite enough to wait until most fans had worn out their VHS tapes of the originals before creating his "definitive vision" release.

    Anyway, are we going to get a shark moment in Avatar 2, what with all the ocean stuff ? I mean, Pandora it may be, but there's not much chance that water pressure will be taken into account any better than it was in Phantom Menace, now is there ?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      My God man!

      You sir are a genius! I just realized that pirating is green. Torrents for a cleaner tomorrow!

  18. Jeroen Braamhaar

    I bet it will be ...

    ... an epic love story that culminates in a legendary ocean liner coming into contact with an iceberg and the lovers tragically sundered from one another.

    In 3D.

    In CGI.

    In a cinema, near you. If we can find the damn DRM keys.

    Not anytime soon.

  19. Anonymous Coward

    When I saw the headline...

    I thought "They'd promise anything for a vote!"

    Shows how dumb and out of touch with modern culture I am :(

  20. LinkOfHyrule


    I was expecting a story about how the Conservatives had created a virtual reality David Cameron and I was getting ready to say "May I be the first to welcome our new stupid faced untrustworthy virtual overlord!".

    James Cameron may be promising more Avatar thingy, I'm promising not to watch it and to not give a monkeys as with the first one!

  21. Graham Jordan


    I went to see it on the day of release and came away feeling all tingly at just how incredibly gorgeous it was.

    I went back about three weeks later to watch it at Birminghams i-max thing and thought whilst visually impressive, it had a few holes in it.

    By the stroke of luck I then managed to score a date with a fit girl at work who wanted to watch it so earlier this year I went back for a third time and released just how incredibly shit this movie is. I mean, there's shit, but then there's real shit. I found myself wanting to throttle every charecter, even the really fit smurf...

    Still, I'll be the first to admit it, I'll go watch the sequel. And no doubt come away feeling dirty.

  22. jake Silver badge

    Am I the only one ...

    who yawned at Avatar? It was mind-bogglingly bad, at least the first 20 minutes that we forced ourselves to sit thru' before walking out & demanding our money back.

    Oh, wait ... no, I'm not. It's already been released on DVD. No legs.

  23. Tzael

    Source of inspiration

    So, not content to simply rip off the Pocahontas storyline, James Cameron had a look at other Disney scripts he could "draw inspiration from". Right now he's torn between Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid - my money's on the fish-tailed chick :)

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Waterworld meets Finding Nemo.

    I hope I haven't given him any ideas.

  25. Bugs R Us

    I want True Lies II

    F*ck Avatar sequels, give us True Lies II.

  26. PaulWizard

    I think I already know the plot!

    A father and son Navi get seperated and the father spends the rest of the film searching for his lost son, facing many perils and challenges. Along the way the father meets another, rather ditsy, female Navi, who has a very short term memory. Of course father finds son in the end and all three live hapily ever after. Yes yes, I know, coat

  27. Eeep !

    Eeeeep !!!!

    More people travelling to cinemas to be sold more plastic glasses to watch rather poor plot, dialogue and cinematography along with all the media circus involved in promoting a sequel definitely will help save the planet !!!

    Get the bigger picture, not the shiny glossy magazine telling you to see the (assuming this will be like the first) drivel, and you might actually make a difference to the world instead of being told that by are while ripping through the resources it has just for your entertainment.

  28. Michael Jones

    And the choice is...

    Call me cynical, but given a choice between saving the planet and good business, the latter focussed the mind more!

  29. Graham Marsden

    And I thought...

    ... this would be "Call me Dave" painting himself blue to prove what a good Tory he is!

  30. Adrian Esdaile

    At the risk of enjoying Vogon poetry...

    I liked it.

    there, I said it.

    it was light escapist fluff, with cool spaceships and big explosions and bows & arrows and it was in FREAKING 3D! What more do you want?

    sure, it wasn't Trois Couleurs, but it didn't need to be. Thank goodness it wasn't 2001 since thousands of people would have died of boredom or eaten their own arms off.

    I'm looking forward to more, and if it's in the ocean then I'm sure we'll get some dolphins in there, and everyone will say Cameron ripped off David Brin.

    Yes, mines the blue one with the book of Vogon poetry in the pocket...

    Oh, frettled gruntbuggly,

    thy micturations are to me...

  31. Dick Emery
    Paris Hilton

    6 minutes...

    ...of smurf pornz?

    I'm sold!

  32. Nigel Brown

    But I dont want to put a title in this box....

    And they wonder why freetards do what they do................................

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    As a glasses-wearer I find 3D specs awkward and uncomfortable

    and headache-forming.

    But I followed the hype and saw Avatar in 2D.

    Yes it was totally shallow trite plagiarism.

    But what I noticed a lot was the bits where it was blatantly obvious

    that 3D viewers were intended to go "Ooh, aah...isn't it beautiful".

    (Overlong views of fantasy forests, close-up in-your-face shots of

    flying, etc.)

    I expect the new one will be the same.

    I won't be conned twice.

  34. lglethal Silver badge

    Im interested...

    .. in how James Cameron can say "not only is it good business, but it’s good for the environment". A film being created by large super computers using loads of power, with lots of non-environmentally friendly products (or at least there not environmentally friendly to dispose of)...

    Yes, i can see how thats good for the environment... it makes lots of money and James can buy another Prius´- there's the environmentally friendly angle...

  35. Paul R
    Thumb Up

    Just me then?

    It seems that I'm about the only person who actually enjoyed Avatar. Sure, the plot wasn't original, and on a couple of occasions the 3D was a bit over the top, but it was still fun. OK, so my brain cells weren't challenged, but it was still fun.

    I'll definitely watch the sequels. I won't be expecting anything hugely original or challenging, but I know it'll be a bit of escapist fun.

    Besides, what's not to like about an 8ft tall blue Sigourney Weaver?

    I was going to pick up the DVD a bit after release, but if they're already talking about a new extended version then I'll probably not bother, not falling for that one again (looking at you George Lucas).

    1. MattD
      Thumb Up

      Nope not just you.

      Aliens it wasn't but who cares, I got my moneys worth and enjoyed it. I don't go to the cinema to watch intellectual movies with a good plot and cleaver twists, I can watch movies like Memento or the Machinist at home for less money where I don't need the impact of a big screen.

      I go to the cinema to watch moves that are breath taking on the big screen and only require a good enough plot to stop me getting bored (Transformers 2 FAIL). It will remain to be seen if the sequel is just a rehash of something else but as long as it keeps me entertained for a few hours then I couldn't care less.

      To those of you who have nothing better to do than slag it off go do something more interesting with your time. If you don't like it that's your business but there is already enough negativity in the world without your input.

  36. This post has been deleted by its author

  37. Winkypop Silver badge
    Thumb Down


    More Hollywood shite

  38. C Yates

    You jaded IT fiends! =P

    It's like half of you have been taking tips from the bbc have-your-say page, you're all just oozing with cynicism and bitterness, then oozing some more =)

    Yes the plot has been done to death, yes Cameron is doing a Lucas, yes Nick Clegg is going to be our next PM, but all that aside it was still a good film if you take it at face value!

    If you don't like, don't watch! =P

    PS Upvotes for this post = jaded (cue crude attempt at reverse psychology)

  39. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    is eltiT backwards

    I've stuck the DVD on my lovefilm list so that will turn up....oooh about 10 minutes before the sequel is released :)

    No point in waiting for 3D as deviated eye sockets = fuzzy images and a headache roughly similar to sticking an icepick in your left ear

    As to more of the same, meh!

    Another vote for true Lies II or even an Aliens sequel which didnt suck big time...

    ... and no more smart kids!

  40. Secretgeek

    To join the small minority of people...

    ...that actually enjoyed themselves seeing Avatar.

    Yes, yes it was a badly scipted, greener than thou, enviro film but I liked the 3d stuff and the pretty colours.

    I still might give the second one a miss and wait for the 'in space' one though as I thought the arrival at the planet were the best bits for 3D effect-ery suffering from none of the annoying blur quite a bit of the rest of it did.

  41. John 62

    the ocean?

    George Lucas already did that in Phantom Menace. Allsa hailsa Jar Jar Binks!

    1. C Yates

      Don't forget...

      ... Cameron also did it in the Abyss!

      (okay that sounds a bit wrong, but you know what I mean) =P

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