back to article Labour unfriends Twitter rant candidate

The Labour Party has unfriended a wannabe Scottish MP who used Twitter to broadside fellow politicos, potential voters and Johnnie Walker Red Label. Stuart MacLennan was pitching for the seat in Moray until it was discovered he'd called David Cameron a "twat", Lib Dem supremo Nick Clegg "a bastard" and Labour MP Diane Abbott " …


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  1. mmm mmm

    Now that's what I call

    A top piece of reporting.

  2. Greg J Preece

    Who cares whether it was last year or not?

    They're his opinions, and he has a right to them. The country is crying out for straightforward, honest politicians who speak their minds and they're silencing this guy? God, what I wouldn't have given to hear a Labour representative react to Obama's Nobel prize with "you've got to be fucking kidding me."

  3. Anonymous Coward


    honest politician told he has no place in parliament. quelle surprise!

    I'd have voted for him... well... considered. The others here are a bunch of spineless bores.

    to his credit, Barak winning Nobel Peace prize for what are tantamount to ambitions is a fucking joke.

  4. Gordon is not a Moron

    well to be fair to the guy...

    he was right on the money about Jedward

    1. HFoster


      Not to mention David Cameron, Scottish pubs being oft frequented by depressed (and depressing) teuchters, Louis Walsh, and Johnny Walker Red Label.

  5. Alex King
    Thumb Up

    He's an idiot...

    ...but he's right about the Johnnie Walker.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Well he does have a point

    I can't disagree with his observations on any of the politicians, and Jedward.

    No such thing as freedom of speech in the Labour party, silly, silly boy, he should have known

  7. PirateSlayer
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    For once... MP speaks (or 'tweets' I guess) his mind, talks sense, states the truth...and gets canned!

    Cameron has the last laugh mind. Too many tweets makes a Cameron.

  8. Jim Morrow


    this guy is a breath of fresh air. only in this country would someone who speaks the truth get stopped from standing for parliament.

    i hope he tells zanulabour to fuck off and stands as an independent. i'd move to his constituency and vote for him.

  9. yossarianuk

    He's got my vote.

    The most sense I have heard from a politician in a while..

  10. Ken 16 Silver badge

    Johnnie Walker Red Label is pretty dire

    anyway, no-one in Scotland drinks blended do they?

  11. Rob Crawford

    Oh well

    now nobody can vote for him.

    From what I read I am unable to find anything that he tweeted that I actually disagree with.

    1. HFoster

      Move to Moray?

      It's beautiful, but it's also bastard cold in winter. Not to mention the dire local radio.

      And I mean CRIMINALLY dire. Plus you're literally in the middle of nowhere. A very beautiful nowhere, but it's almost 'Here Be Dragons' country.

      Fine if you like the outdoors. And own a car that can handle serious snow. And lack either ears or taste in music.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Local Radio and TV ...

        Is dire wherever you go .. I have to put up with god awful Yorkshire drivel about how wonderful Yorkshire people and places are... or maybe its my Lancs roots showing 8-) ... its not better in the South East or South West and don't get me started about Welsh TV (which officially no one watches).

        1. M Gale


          Isn't that like, English except run through a ROT13 filter?

      2. M Gale


        "A very beautiful nowhere, but it's almost 'Here Be Dragons' country."

        ..presumably dragons with a Scottish accent and a distinctive lisp.

        Fire because, well, duh.

    2. HFoster


      Nobody over 35 drinks blended, unless they're Highland toffs, in which case they'll arrive at university with bottles of Islay single malt. Or if they're over 35 drinking blended, they're probably also wearing a dire tracksuit, Reebok Classics, and have their greasy hair stuffed into a stained baseball cap, and just won the pools.

      Six years in Scotland, and the only thing that rubbed off on me was the dour attitude. Bugger.

      Mine's the one with a copy of the P&J stuffed in the pocket.

      1. blackworx


        Dearie me, there are loads of amazing blends available. Oddly enough, Johnnie Walker is the name on many of those bottles (although I don't think anyone would disagree that Red Label is definitely not one of them).

        Even "single malts" are blends of differing ages, strengths and flavours of whisky from the same distillery, with - eek! - added colouring.

        Ok, multiple choice time. Complete the following phrase:

        "Someone who claims that anyone over 35 drinking blended whisky is probably a tracksuit-wearing, greasy-haired, stained baseball cap and Reebok Classic-wearing pools winner..."

        A) ...doesn't drink enough whisky.

        B) ...doesn't know that blended whisky != bad whisky

        C) ...has swallowed the single malt marketing BS lock stock and barrel.

        D) the most insufferable kind of snob - i.e. one who doesn't even know very much about the subject they're being snobbish about.

        E) All of the above.

        Sorry if that seems a bit harsh, but you weren't exactly being polite about it yourself. It takes a special kind of person to come away from half a decade in one of the most beautiful parts of this island with an attitude like yours and then try to blame it on your erstwhile neighbours.

        1. Liam Johnson


          >>Even "single malts" are blends of differing ages

          Usually referred to as Vatting, to differentiate.

          >>blended whisky != bad whisky

          No, just 99.9999% by volume of it.

          >>there are loads of amazing blends available

          I would really like a few of your tips here, preferable ones which cost less than a decent single malt.

          1. martin burns

            Drinkable Blends

            Only one that I've found that I would drink by choice within a selection including malts: Johnnie Walker Gold Label. The Centenary Blend for preference, with the big splash of Clynelish in it.

            Other Johnnie Walker varieties:

            Red Label: Perfectly acceptable cooking whisky (ideal for flambe-ing your salmon)

            Black Label: Fine if you're one for mixing your whisky with Coke. And adding ice.

            Green Label: At that price, might as well go for a single malt

            Blue Label: It's all about the brand, not the whisky

            Swing: Blue Label turned up to 11. 99% of it gets given as a high status gift and *never opened*.

        2. HFoster


          Have we met? You seem to have me to a T!

  12. K Silver badge

    Stuart MacLennan for Prime Minister!

    Give him the job NOW! sod the election.. he wins

  13. Chris 2

    spare me the mock outrage

    It's about time someone in politics said something rude about the bloody X-Factor instead of fawning over it.

  14. Ihre Papiere Bitte!!

    I'm right with him!

    as long as he doesn't diss Black Label, he's fine by me!

    (PS Who the fuck are Jedwood?)

    1. Matt_V


      They're an "act" from x factor I believe, I was going to post a link to their homepage but it's friday and I'm not feeling that mean!

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      you really really don't want to know

  15. Camilla Smythe

    Quite right too

    Don't need the sort of raff riff in the political arena of virtual unreality if it is likely that the Oik will haxor the system then BFG9000 us with one of those IDD cheats.

    He should cheat in the same way like what the rest of us do.

    Ugh. I appear to have trodden in another Prole. I say, have yours clean this one off mine after it has finished your trousers.

    Chin Chin Dahling. Hole time later if you ask nicely.

    1. Basic
      Thumb Up


      I miss Doom :)

  16. adnim Silver badge

    Snivelling little shit...

    "Some of the things I twittered before I became a candidate were very, very silly and I can see they are offensive. I have let myself and my friends down and am really sorry."

    What he should have said:

    "Some of the things I Twittered before I became a candidate were succinct, accurate and to the point. I have no regrets, I stand by my Tweets. If you don't like my opinion, fuckoff."

    If he didn't mean what he Twittered he should of kept his mouth shut.

  17. Ben Rosenthal

    an honest man in nulab

    GTFO of here sonny! You're making us look bad (okay, worse)!

  18. Steve X
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    Hey, there's a month left. let's petition No 10 to let him stand. I'd love to see Broon's face if the petition got more votes than Broon did.

  19. blackworx

    Johnnie Walker Red Label

    Is not intended to be drunk on its own, much less actually savoured. It is designed as cheap gut-rot to be drowned in an appropriate mixer - i.e. drinks you wouldn't want to waste your half-decent stuff on.

    So MacLennan wasn't being controversial when he slagged it off. Red Label is a truly shit whisky, as are all the cheap blends, but this is by design and none of them pretend otherwise. Hell, nearly all the whisky bottled in Scotland is made up of these, so _someone_ must be drinking the stuff. It's the £5,000+ bottles of single malt that should be pointed and laughed at. Anyone who buys into that marketing should have all their money taken off them.

  20. Chris Walton

    web 2.0 response

    404 political career not found!

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I'm of the opinion he should stick to his guns and maintain his opinion, because not only is it a legitimate view, it is in my opinion a very accurate one.

    The three main political parties and their leaders are the same as each other. I don't see why we even bother with this whole farce of an election. The only decent thing that can possibly come of this election is less of gordon's ugly mug on the television every time I turn it on. The lib dems are only slightly different and thats only because they can't possibly expect to win and can therefore afford slightly different views.

    Yes, yes I know, if you don't vote it isn't democracy. But if you DO vote and nothing changes, that's not democracy either. As long as politicians are only concerned with keeping their jobs, the will of the people will always be ignored. It could of course be argued that the way politicians keep their jobs is by doing the will of the people, but in actual fact all it does is maintain the need for secrecy and arse-covering all around.

  22. ElFatbob


    FFS, get over yourselves. He's a snivelling little f**king Labour arsewipe who rightly got punted from getting the opportunity to stand for public office.

    Just because the current bunch are useless arseholes doesn't mean we should replace them with another bunch of useless arseholes simply because they don't tow the party line and post their verbal diahorreah on twitter.

    I guess he's just learned a valuable lesson though - you can only get away with these things once you actually are an M.P.

  23. Winkypop Silver badge

    A political wannabe who swears!

    Oh my, we all know that Politicians NEVER swear!

  24. Simon B

    A wannabe politician that speaks the truth!

    At last! a politician that speaks nothing but the truth!!! - Can I vote him in?!!!

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