back to article Microsoft cuts 'Series' lump from Windows Phone 7

It's just two months old, but Microsoft has already renamed its next operating system for Windows phones. Microsoft's dropped the "Series" from the Windows Phone 7 Series - now the software will simply be called Windows Phone 7, according to a Microsoft team Tweet, below. Windows Phone 7 de-Series The Tweet gave no …


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  1. Chika

    Proof, if 'twere needed...

    ...that the Microsoft Marketing Morons are still alive and well and living in...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Psion Series 7

    Probably scared that Psion will sue them for a trademark infringement.

    1. Steve John

      7 Series

      Or BMW.

  3. Tom 35 Silver badge

    Has nothing to do with windows...

    So they should drop that too. Call is Microsoft Phone 7.

    1. Slappy Frogg

      Was going to say something similar

      I was going to say it should be Windows 7 Phone.

      Your suggestion of Microsoft Phone 7 makes a lot more sense!

    2. Charles Manning

      ... and it's not a phone either....

      Putting Phone in the OS name makes for clumsy statements.

      "Foobar phone powered by Microsoft Phone 7".

      But they're just polishing a turd. Should have called it ZunePhone and just killed it humanely.

      MS phones have only really scored any traction in the corporate world. Their new toy interface is far more geared towards the average user (who would rather have an iphone etc). Microsoft are surely demolishing their own market.

      Technically WinCE is not much good for future smartphones. Multi-core phones are on the horizon and WinCE has no multi-core support. Unless MS have found a way to steer around multi-core issues this is going nowhere.

  4. sleepy

    just the one then?

    MS just realised that the launch devices may be the only ones ever to ship, so no series.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    series indicates more

    So this will be the last then ;-)

    Good riddance, given MSofts desktop heritage, i can't image anyone wanting it on their phone!

  6. Chemist

    Series of 1

    Probably thought the 'OS' would be welcomed with open arms on all sorts of devices and have been disabused of that and so are putting out the spin that it was only intended for a phone after all.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    when missing the market power of Windows, they're lost in a fog

    Microsoft has been able to keep the Microsoft Windows productline moving because of the shear size of that beast so keeping on-message is rather easy for them. But, when they have real competition and can't control the supply chain, they're lost and will just keep dumping hundreds of millions into their product with the only goal of keeping any one player from dominating. They protect the Windows brand by keeping other brands from dominating. Think MSN vs AOL, MSN/Live/BING vs Google, think XBox vs PlayStation, think WinCE vs Palm, etc. Like many others, they wait til the market leader hits over 50% of the market and then starts moving their guns to that segment. Windows CE/PocketPC/Mobile/Phone will be like the others and cost Microsoft billions while keeping the Windows brand name in the segment.

  8. Rex Alfie Lee

    Mighty Microsoft 7 Pharking Phailure

    Peanuts, why pay for peanuts when you can have macadamias & pecans for free?

    Microsoft charges for crumbs when there are cream-filled pies to be had as a gift with Android.

    More reasons to leave the MS market for Google & Linux. Goodbye Muckrakingsoft, goodbye!

  9. Anonymous Coward


    you would have to be dumb as a stump to buy a Micro$haft phone... thank god there are 2 alternatives...

    I think if you do, then you should not be allowed to reproduce, since your genes are as defective.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Series Cancelled

    Probably a good idea, as there won't be a 'series' past version 1.0. Vista Mobile would be a better name, and more appropriate.

    The more I read about this it seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

    Why do Micro$oft never learn?

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I feel sorry for...

    ..the inevitable geek numpty who got a tattoo. But I don't feel sorry for those other people who immediately cybersquatted a bunch of Windows7PhoneSeries related domains. See ya!

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