back to article Cray's midrange line big on Xeons, GPUs

In launching the CX1000 midrange supercomputer lineup, it looks like Cray is finally getting tired of trying to peddle Lexuses and BMWs to people who can only afford Fords and Chevys. As Cray's top brass were hinting it would when it talked about its fourth quarter financial results back in late February, the company has put …


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  1. Marcus Aurelius


    "Cray will not support the fastest Xeon 5600 parts in the CX1000-C blades - that would be the six-core 3.33 GHz Xeon X5680 and the four-core 3.46 GHz X5677 - because at 130 watts they are too hot for the blade chassis."

    I always thought Seymour Cray said that Cray was really just good at plumbing (to dissipate heat). They're obviously not up to the challenge nowadays

  2. IT Wonk

    Cray,Cray, Cray what are you doing?

    This is soooo lame. These machines probably don't even exist... The CX1000-C has no really detailed specs - I'm sorry, what was that hard drive size again? The CX1000-G on their site is a ruddy artists rendering - it isn't even real !! What, can't find one to take a picture?

    And the CX1000-S doesn't even have an attempt at a picture, real or otherwise. Whatever happened to the honest, upfront and highly capable Cray that wouldn't dream of pulling this s$*t ?? Must be marketing management trying to keep their jobs.... "No, really, we have new systems, no, really, um, see one? Well, not quite yet... Oh, buy one? Today? For delivery now? um... "

    "supremely powerful rack-mounted supercomputer" ..... tards

  3. The Serpent

    Whatever happened to..?

    ..the days when your Cray was housed in a purpose-built data centre and delivered in a ceremony attented by enthusiastic crowds of employees?

    Now they arrive in a van, you rack it and give it some juice from the mains socket. It'll be rebadged HPs next.

  4. Matthew Malthouse

    Unanswered questions....

    What colour are the seat cushions?

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