back to article Massive FBI computer overhaul is put on ice (again)

The FBI has once again suspended work on parts of a massive computer overhaul that many say is vital to fighting crime and terrorism. Putting the project known as Sentinel on hold has alarmed some on Capitol Hill because the upgrade was considered vital to shoring-up deficiencies in key areas, The New York Times reports. …


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  1. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    Can't send email attachments


    I think even mainframe based email systems can handle this now.

    You know you're in deep trouble when you have to get LockMart in to *fix* it.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    FBI TV is BS!

    I just think this when watching one those silly FBI programs on TV and there computer doing those amazing things. lol

    Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, Without A Trace

  3. Anonymous Coward

    are they as good as fujitsu?

    the UK government use Fujitsu for its IT needs, i think we all know fujitsu are about as good as using a sledgehammer to grate cheese when it comes to network upgrades.

    Am i right to believe that the US government is just as clueless as the UK government when it comes to its IT needs?

    AC because i work for the UK gov

  4. The Indomitable Gall

    Don't want to use pigeons...

    ... they kill their pigeons out there. RIP Martha, 1st Sept 1914

    1. Etrien Dautre

      a packet to the pocket

      "sledgehammer to grate cheese" -

      AC, works great. incomparably faster and more reliable than a grater, thanks, the testing is close to completion. quite in time pour le soiree... though i've nothing to say about the upgrades 'cos i don't work neither for the UK gov, nor against it :-)

      oh, both Cooks and Jaw Encoresment probably know this kitchenry for years...


  5. Scott Mckenzie


    ....what about Chuck!?

  6. lukewarmdog

    Couldn't send email attachments


    And they couldn't pop to a nearby cyber cafe?

    Or send SMS?

    Or use a fax machine?

    Maybe my grandma worked for the FBI because she couldn't do any of those things either.

  7. Lance 3

    Gov't is a waste of money

    If the gov't is involved, there is a high chance of wasteful spending. If you look at the current waste, why are they concerned now?

  8. RIBrsiq

    As seen on TV

    That's not true! They can get a criminal from the smudge of a fingerprint captured off of a windshield through CCTV in bad weather!

    I saw it on CSI (or was it X-Files?), so it must be true.

  9. Peter Simpson 1

    USA resident here

    We have several major "government contractors", Lockheed Martin apparently one of them, who think that just because they (sometimes) can build planes that fly and boats that float, they are experts at everything else.

    Boeing has just discovered that, while their planes fly, they aren't very good at building electronic fences to keep wandering Mexicans out. Lockheed Martin has just discovered that they should be rated somewhere south of Geek Squad when it comes to ability to set up an IT infrastructure.

    Perhaps the FBI should hire some people of its own (or listen to the ones it has) and take the whole project inside. Odds are it wouldn't cost any more to do it themselves...

  10. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Dumb Leads do not Intelligent Staff make .....

    The problem for Spooks and Law Enforcement will ALWAYS be, that once they decide they have to go Online to Jump ahead of their Foe/Rivals, they discover that Everything they do Online is Available for Reading as if in an Open Book, and their Services are being Supplied by Others who would Recognise and Render them as Foe and Rivals in Extremely Lucrative and Sensitive Business Fields of Powerful Control. ........ and that is a Personnel/Software problem in their Dumb Hardware/Virtual Machinery.

    Oh, and turf wars between top lap dog agencies doesn't help either.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Expert Opinion

    "But Congressional officials warned it was a "red flag" and would waste taxpayer money."

    And who knows more about wasting taxpayer money than Congressional officials?

  12. zooooooom


    1969 Darpa launch the internet program funded by the US tax payer

    1985 SPECTRE complete their first major IT infrastructure rollout

    2010 FBI: "These criminals and terrorists are always one step ahead of us!"

    2012 SPECTRE aquire EDS from HP after realizing there is more money in badly provided IT infrastructure to government agencies, than their core sharks and lasers business. HP continue with the lasers.

    1. Etrien Dautre

      @ - 2010 FBI

      I'm rolling on you know what. Prize to the studio!

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