back to article Google Wave opens extensions gallery

The Mountain View Chocolate Factory has unveiled an extensions gallery for Google Wave, the still-gestating browser-based app that crossbreeds email with IM and document sharing. First unveiled at a Google developer conference last May, Wave offers APIs for developing extensions to the platform and embedding its conversations …


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  1. Mark Thomas 3
    Thumb Down


    They are a load of shite.

  2. Reverend Brown


    Is that still around?

    1. Solomon Grundy


      Haha. That's exactly what I said to myself.

  3. Richard Gomer

    Was unimpressed intiitally...

    ... but I must admit, having used it for a while Wave's growing on me. It has even pulled some of my friends away from Facebook messaging! I just wish it wasn't so damn slow.

  4. Gulfie

    Been there, done that...

    ... and I'm thoroughly underwhelmed. About the best use I can see is as a collaboration environment for a small, geographically diverse team. I think of it as a cross between pastebucket and a twitter stream. Something may come out of this experiment eventually, and I'm sure people will find uses for it, but I don't see it going mainstream until Google binds it inas an inescapable part of gmail... ;-)

This topic is closed for new posts.

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