back to article Microsoft delivers official Word on Office 2010 'tech guarantee' plan

Microsoft has kicked off its Office 2010 "technology guarantee" plan, details of which the company prematurely let slip in February. In addition Redmond also confirmed late last week that it would roll out the red carpet for its upcoming suite of office products with a business launch planned for 12 May. The company is …


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  1. Maryland, USA
    Thumb Down

    If you like Office 2007, you'll love Office 2010

    Yawn. I paid $20 for a plugin that lets Office 2007 look and feel like Office 2003. Now I use SoftMaker Office 2010, a David to Redmond's Goliath. Bye-bye, MS Office.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    I thought long and hard about this

    ...I thought long and hard about this but the only thought that kept entering my head said "who cares"?

    Has the software been released yet? no.

    Is there any amazing new functionality? no.

    Is it far larger and with a less intuitive interface than office 97/2000/2003? yes.

    Are our corporate overlords going to get it and install it on all the company machines just because "it's new"? probably.

    Are hackers the world over going to find some sneaky way in to infect machines with the new version installed? you know they are - the software is by MS!

    Latest news - Microsoft made a press release. Nothing happened.

  3. Doug Lynn

    Wonder if student purchases will be included in the free upgrade to Office 2010

    That would be sweet, Office 2007 and 2010 for $59!

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