back to article Acer said to be readying glass-lidded laptop

Acer is preparing to release a very skinny - and, dare we say it, incredibly fragile - notebook with a glass-backed frameless display. So claim an unnamed source cited by DigiTimes, who say the laptop will also feature a touch-sensitive keyboard. Given how thin notebook keyboards are already, we're not sure how much thickness …


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  1. Alex 0.1
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    Gorilla Glass

    The Digitimes source reporting that the reinforced glass is being provided by Corning, which means it's likely to be Gorilla Glass, which means the glass itself will be significantly stronger and more durable than the plastic outer panel a laptop would normally have anyway. Good news all round.

  2. Stuart Archer
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    Touch Sensitive Keyboard?

    For any serious amount of typing, I can see this being a real problem interms of accuracy, unless they make some effort to differentiate the keys from the laptop base, not to mention the obvious fragility issue when you get frustrated with the innacurate typing and hammer upon the keyboard as is the wont of many a raging nerd..

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