back to article Skype arrives on Nokia Symbian phones

One day after Skype yanked support for Windows and Java mobiles, citing a lack of consistent quality across handsets, the proprietary VoIP outfit is showing its love for Symbian. Skype's free mobile app for Nokia's Symbian OS has left the beta stage and is now available directly from the mobile Ovi Store or alternatively the …


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  1. EmperorFromage

    But why?

    Fring was working just fine for me.

  2. ScripterSi

    Tell me something I don't know!

    Skype has been on numerous Symbian handsets for years courtesy of 3 mobile. I could vent spleen for pages about their 'tech' support or lack thereof but, I have to admit, when it comes to skype they have it right on the money. The app maintains a background connection over 3G/WiFi and then initiates a GSM connection to some dedicated 3/Skype numbers for incoming/outgoing skype calls. This does a reasonable job of mitigating against the unpredictable sound quality over 3G (Although it converts over to VoIP at 3's end for the remainder of the journey so there still can be occasional quality issues and an annoying delay.).

    Mine's the one with the N95 8GB with Skype in the inside pocket.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    3G as well?

    If it works, I'll be impressed. How long before the operator networks wreck it with packet-shaping?

    1. PhonicUK


      T-Mobile already do. They've always packet shaped Skype (Even if you pay *extra* for a data package!)

      I plan on dumping T-Mobile later this month when my contract runs out.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Truphone is skype for Nokia

    There's long been a Symbian phone OS skype client, infact it's cross compatible with lots of networks, not just Skype:

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    The general idea I received from looking at reviews of the application on the Ovi store, before I was even aware this application had just became available, just coincidence, was that the quality is better than that available through fring.

    Using fring your call goes via their servers, so you could potentially double the latency figures just by using fring. Still a great application, but the lack of VoIP proper in-built SIP support on my Nokia 5800 bothers me, as it has been well posted on theregister the lack of proper revenue to the fring company itself through their product, even with the minimal advertising that now exists in when using it for messaging.

    I tried the skype application on Symbian v5 Nokia 5800, and it seems very good. Does what I wanted it to do over WLAN, I've not tried it through 3G or EDGE yet.

    If it can work over EDGE then that makes it very interesting; on most handsets a 3G data connection consumes considerably more power than an EDGE or WLAN connection - in fact EDGE and WLAN actually use the same amount of phone power, although that will vary depending on the quality and proximity of your WLAN.

    Diversity is welcomed, so thanks to Skype for bringing this out! Now if only they would re-release Windows Live Messenger on the Ovi Store then I'd be happier. No idea why it disappeared, but it's gone. The versions always had bugs on my N95 8GB (connection staying connected once application exited, message boxes scrolling to the top, and other problems.) Better than fring though for a true MSN experience, but it would seem fring is the one to use now if you have multiple services.

  6. Rob Crawford

    3 & Skype

    Having an e63 from 3 as my 'spare' phone is damn useful when away from home so far.

    However I am not sure if this new release will coexist with Threes version and you may get hit with data charges which you where not expecting if you switch versions (as the non 3 version of messenger eats into your data allowance)

    If I get time tonight I will check (but thats a big IF)

  7. rob703
    Thumb Down

    3 & Skype

    Yeah that was my understanding too - the 3 version of Skype does not eat into your data allowance.

    Anyway, I tried the er Skype version of Skype on my N97 and it does look and feel a lot better than the 3 version. Only thing was that when my better half tried to call me (4 times!), all I got was voicemail alerts, even though I was in a good coverage area, with no indication that somebody was trying to call me.

    For now, that's a fail, until I get more free time to try it again.

    1. Rob Crawford

      3 & Skype

      Well atleast you can have the 3 & the proper client installed at the same time.

      I didn't get any calls because everybody I know had better things to do than call me but for outgoing calls over WiFi it was fine, and I will stick with the 3 version for 'on the move' usage because I know it's free and any call quality issues are nothing to do with my data connection.

      There seems to be issues on the discussion groups about incoming calls and also non English installations over at the Skype discussion boards.

      This version is starting to sound more like a large scale beta rather than a finished version, which I wouldn't mind as long as they told me.

  8. Bonnie

    Arranged marriage?

    I wonder whether it's genuine love for Symbian or a money-greased arrangement? Nokia needs a crowd-puller for its unloved Ovi and Skype's new owners want ROI. The magical disappearance of the WinMob and Java clients are hardly coincidental.

  9. Nigel R

    Won't install on my Nokia... solution is SKYPE LITE!

    On seeing this "The Reg" article I Scuttled off to install this on my n78... greeted with ""Unable to install: Component is built in" error and no known workaround.

    Then I discovered there's a long existing app called Skype Lite for my phone, installed in a jiff.

    Had already tried Fring before - awful audio and lag.

    Skype Lite using Skype Out service sounds almost like a normal mobile call - clear and little lag. Fring promptly uninstalled and happy.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    crashes on my E51

    It looks nice, looks functional and it even connected including pulling the contact list back....

    Wait for it though....enter the Settings menu...and bang...thank you for visiting, please try again soon! Well at least the phone and OS kept on going

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