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Tracking someone’s location using GPS technology is often regarded as sneaky or underhand, but what if you’re simply a paranoid protective parent craving the security of knowing your child’s whereabouts – day or night? Race Telcom WiGoMo One Intensive care: Race Telcom's WiGoMo One and GPS beacon Manufacturer Race Telecom …


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  1. JWS


    Why does this even exist? And an external GPS dongle? Really? Even the most basic phones are coming with built in GPS these days which work just as well and triangulation via mobile antena is fairly accurate too. If you have that little trust in your child then why would you even let them go out in the first place?

  2. Daniel Owen

    Hmm kids keen?

    As part of this review I would love you to speak to the potential customers.

    Parent - Would you like a phone

    Child - I would love one

    Parent - It's a GPS tracker that can tell me where ever you are and I can block your calls remotely when ever I want

    Child - How does get ****ed sound?

    Would love to see the kids using one of these.... and one of these

  3. D@v3

    cue calls to the police

    when Jr realises the beacon can be disconnected.

  4. Chrome

    Battery life

    What is it with battery life on phones over the past few years... I remember having an SE K750i that used to last more than 7 days with usage... It even got trodden on one New Year's Eve and soldiered on until not being able to read text messages rendered it useless

  5. Anonymous Coward

    One problem here...

    My (and probably most) teenagers woldn't be seen dead carrying this monstrosity...

  6. Ken 16 Silver badge

    cheap LoJack

    I'd be tempted to bury one in the boot of my car, in case of theft.

  7. Andy Watt

    Breakage, removal... GPS implementation well off.

    I'd echo some of the posts here - the fact it's external means that

    - it'll get broken, the cable will snap internally eventually (or the kid will do it)

    - The kid will just disconnect the thing when he/she doesn't want to be tracked

    - it'll drain more power - if it was on-board it'd be easier to maximise battery life.

    If the idea here is to try to use trust to get the kid to keep the thing on them, then fair enough but the GPS should still be internal.

    The poor buggers who launched this must be a small team. Pity they seem to have fallen down the cracks between technologies so badly.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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