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Ever since Samsung released its first netbook in 2008 - it was the NC10 - it’s been churning out new models like there’s no tomorrow. And with the recent arrival of Intel’s second-gen Atom 'Pine Trail' platform, it’s no surprise Samsung has taken the opportunity to get some new netbooks to market. Samsung N220 Matte screen …


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  1. Duncan Hothersall

    Ew, nasty keyboard

    Still loving my NC10, still haven't seen anything better come onto the market, including from Samsung. The best evidence for this is that the NC10 costs more today than it did when I bought one (presumably because it is no longer manufactured?) despite it now having hundreds more models in competition with it.

    Genuinely don't understand why people are buying or selling netbooks with 3 hour battery life, or Windows 7, or priced above £250.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Pedant alert

    <quote>Flip the netbook on its belly...</quote>

    Surely we're flipping it onto it's back, to "expose" the belly? Ie flipping it upside down?

  3. Andrew James

    power button/slider

    "Samsung has opted not to go for a standard power button and instead uses a slider switch situated on the front lip of the N220. Not only is this fiddly and awkward to use, but the small ridges on the slider scrape along your finger each time you use it."

    I've got this same power slider on my samsung netbook, and i can honestly say i've never found it to be a problem.

    Dont use your finger. How awkward would it be to try and use a slider like that with your finger!? Use your thumb. Right hand, placed against the side of the netbook, place thumb against slider, move thumb from left to right about half a centimetre. No need to damage any nails, on your thumb, fingers or toes.

    You really would have to be a bit daft to try and operate this thing with a finger as you would a normal push button.

    1. Anton Ivanov


      I have used the power button on my Lenove s10e about 10 times since I bought it last april. It is always suspended to RAM. Eats about 1.5W in that state and is fully on and ready to use in under 2secs.

      The power button on a netbook is an irrelevance. It might have as well been a whole here you have to plug a toothpick like those force-eject holes on a laptop. It would not have reduced from its usability.

  4. Alex Rose


    "Not only is this fiddly and awkward to use, but the small ridges on the slider scrape along your finger each time you use it."

    Fiddly and awkward I'll accept as valid criticisms. "Oh no, my finger experiences some slight abrasion whilst in contact with a foreign object" I just can't.

    I really couldn't finish reading the rest of the review after this in case the reviewer lambasted the keyboard for not having little pillows attached to each key to avoid the impact putting strain on their poor little tendons and knuckles.

  5. Tom_


    I love my NC10, but it has a pair of tiny little feet on the back edge and they stick into my legs if I sit with it on my lap. Does this machine have the same problem?

  6. Anton Ivanov
    Thumb Down

    Unimpressive and bad value for the money

    Windows 7 "we are like the iPad no-multitasking joke edition", wifi card unusable under Linux (NDIS wrapper is not the answer, NDIS wrapper is the question and the answer is NO), battery performance wholly unimpressive, video performance not impressive either. All of that for 320 quid? No thanks, I'd rather pay 100 less and get a proper netbook or 100 more and get a proper laptop which has Broadcom or Intel WiFi in it.

    Pine trail was supposed to be "quantum leap" as per the marketing literature. It looks like it is not a quantum leap, but a cheap "move bits around to lock Nvidia out of the market" ploy as most of us have suspected. The video performance, memory performance and power consumption improvements have quite clearly failed to materialise.

    It looks like I will be keeping my S10-e with Debian and refurbishing my old faithful NC4000 also with Debian for the foreseable future (I had to replace another hinge on it on Wed).

    Definite thumbs down.

  7. Jerome 0


    Anything over £300 shouldn't be called a netbook. Besides, anything with that horrendous style of keyboard shouldn't be called a computer at all.

    1. Al Jones

      That was my reaction when I first used a Macbook

      But I'm surprised Apple hasn't patented that silly keyboard design!

  8. Dick Emery

    N120 owner

    I have the older N120 and I would gladly swap it for a matt screen. However why still 1024x600? That's REALLY annoying! Up it to true x768 at least!

    Also I bet the secondary PCIe slot is missing like on UK N120's (It's not on US models I believe so you can add a HD decoder card for £25. Otherwise it means soldering the slot on yourself and invalidating your warranty).

    How does it handle HD BTW? I can play 720P (Just) with CoreAVC and in overlay mode with no fancy Win7 GUI on the N120. 1080P is a no go though.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    price != netbook

    huh? some would say if its over 300 quid it aint a netbook?

    no...netbook is all about the formfactor/weight... not the price. my old libretto was anetbook but cost near 800 quid. my current netbook was a cheapy thing - 180 quid... but is the same size.

    now, a 250 quid 15" laptop is not a netbook...its a laptop.

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