back to article goes titsup, arguably the web's most valuable address, is up for sale after its owner went bust. Escom LLC, which bought in 2006 from founder Gary Kremen for a reported $14m, is in foreclosure. The coveted address currently hosts text links to porn websites. It will change hands again at auction in New York on …


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  1. ThaRobster

    Sounds a bit like...

    "To participate, bidders must deposit $1m in escrow, however."

    Dear Valuable Website Person,

    I have come into in my possesions a greatest website name! We want to trade with you because of your great reputations! The fantastical web address name could be yours very soon, is good!

    Please deposit $1,000,000 with our super-reliable, not fraudulent at all escrow company as a sign of good faith and we can deal! Yes!

    Kindest regards,

    King Juan N'zimba, Nigeria

  2. Michael Strorm

    Escom went bankrupt AGAIN?

    I assume that *this* Escom had no relation to the German computer manufacturer that went belly-up in the mid-1990s, but stranger things have happened with trademarks and the remnants of bankrupt businesses...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Cheaper from Amazon

    i just bagged a copy for a fiver off our favourite, or not so favourite depending on who delivers the stuff, deep rainforest shop.

  4. James 5
    Thumb Up


    Web of Trust reports the web site as UNTRUSTED: This site has a poor reputation.

    All areas of trust are shown as Poor or Very Poor.

    So it's a bit like buying a Restaurant whose owners have destroyed its reputation (except possibly not as much work).

    Great point "ThaRobster".

  5. Sean Bergeron
    Paris Hilton


    Screwed business model? Blew its load of venture capital too soon? Paris, because she'd probably buy it if grandaddy hadn't left her nearly nothing.

  6. Ron1

    What is INERNIC ?

    "100% interest in the internet domain name and related INERNIC registration"

    What is INERNIC? Did they mean INTERNIC by any chance?

    C'mon, this is supposed to be a $1M+ auction and they misspelled it (twice)...

  7. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    How do you not make money on ?

    Overcharging? Maybe there's too much free pornography out there?

  8. chrisbtoo

    Dear Reg: You misspelled "Overvalued"

    One only needs to look back at last week's ReadWriteWeb / Facebook hilarity to know that he average webtard doesn't give a toss about domain names.

    I bet the current owners had a great underpants-gnome-inspired business plan to go with their nice domain. Seems to have worked out about as well as all the other dot-coms.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Another advert posing as reportage

    Thanks Reg. Any chance of a graph of your declining integrity.

    1. Kev K


      Since when - you do know this is Teh Reg ???

  10. charlescarreon

    The Sex.Com Chronicles tells the story

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