back to article Nokia, Intel merge mobile Linux offerings

Intel has tightened its alliance with Nokia by merging its Moblin mobile Linux platform into the Finnish phone giant's built-on-Linux Maemo OS. The combined platform will be called MeeGo - which will undoubtedly be satirised as 'MeeToo', given its clear intention to fight the rise of Android and iPhone. The two companies said …


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  1. twunt

    That didn't last long did it?

    Not content with releasing the N97 (symbian) followed weeks later by the N900 (Maemo) Nokia wants to confuse and annoy users even more by annoucning yet another Smart Phone OS.

    No doubt they'll drop this in a couple of months too.

  2. iMlite

    QT for MeeToo?

    Downloaded and running SDK – a QT variant - eventually got a ‘Hello World’ working – grrr – far worse than my experiments with Meamo.

    The question I ask is – do I invest time in developing the necessary skills to develop apps for this platform? What is going to happen with Symbian?

    With other Mob OS’s such as Apple and Android, I know that they are going to be around for a few years yet, Symbian is an unknown, and Meego may be just another dead end as is meamo.

    Developers need a clear path, offered from the manufacturers, as to which platforms they are going to use, rather than just making an educated guess and potentialy being left behind. Personally, I think that Meego will take over from both Meamo and Symbian, probably in 2 to 3 years time – but i may be wrong, and than all the time invested in development will be lost profit - Who knows - confusion reigns?

  3. Alex 0.1


    The "clear path" you're after from Nokia, is to write for Qt. Nokia have been saying this for a while, and porting Qt applications between Qt-supporting OS's (both Symbian and MeeGo) is trivial.

    1. Gene Cash Silver badge

      Nokia's been saying "use GTK" for a while

      Until the very latest release, Maemo was GTK-based, and all my apps use pyGTK, so I'm out in the cold with the new Qt. I'm tired of insane changes with each OS release. I'm moving to Android.

  4. Christian Berger


    Maemo is just Debian so it's what most geeks want.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Meego != Maemo

      Maemo is a Debian-derived system but is pretty disconnected from that upstream now. MeeGo is claiming to be an independent RPM-based distribution (although it appears to have had some ancestry via Fedora).

      MeeGo is basically Moblin + Qt (with Gtk+/Clutter on the side, much like Gtk+/Hildon was to be "community supported" in Maemo 6).

      There's essentially nothing left of Maemo <= 5 in MeeGo, so far as I can see, although Moblin and Maemo had a lot in common, so the end result is somewhat similar.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    That's probably the worst product name I've heard in a while, it sounds like the burblings of a two year old. MeeGo toilet now. MeeGo sleep.

    I see where they were going, what with the iPhone and all; but I'm afraid the name MeeGo just sounds stupid to me.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Nokia are turning into Adobe.

    Who cares as long as Nokia stop producing great tech items that are half finished. The N900 being the latest release that is still in Beta.

    The latest Maemo offering lacks a lot of the basics from the N95 / N96

    Auto shut off for wireless, (battery drain)

    Auto shut off for the internet, (battery drain)

    SMS storage ability that isn'#t 'conversations'

    SMS notifications on the main screen. You have to have psychic powers to know at the moment.

    Ringtones for contacts

    Portrait mode

    Sort the phone volumes out, even on full it is too quiet to hear people speak.

    You can't type and listen to music at the same time without coming from Norfolk. (ergonomics)

    You can't view any files / music / pictures while it is plugged into a PC.

    I could go on...

    And don't be fooled into the OVi store. Most of the OVI store is made up of short video clips about some rubbish house wife thing. They are NOT apps.

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