back to article Android first to host Adobe's AIR for smartphones

Adobe Systems is bringing its Flash-based AIR runtime to mobile devices, with Google's Android the first potential host. Adobe will show a preview running on Motorola's Droid and Milestone phones at the Mobile World Congress today in Barcelona, Spain, with general availability promised later this year. AIR combines Flash with …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    All hot AIR?

    Run Flash = get PWNED.

    Congratulations, Androids are now wide open to malware.


  2. Lars Silver badge

    Flash just too big

    I wonder if flash is just too big for Apple (and Microsoft) to accept.

  3. Andrew 63
    Thumb Up


    Any chance this will come to the Nokia N900 any time soon?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      The N900 already has Flash support so I expect its not a big extra step to get AIR working on it as well.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Apple? Adobe?

    Adobe? Apple?

    I must admit to hoping that punters and the market will decide.

    No so much of a spat or fall out but more of: woohoo! let's go take these tools to market = kind of thingy

  5. Paul Shirley

    why wont flash just die

    Already watching iPlayer on my Android phone, so that's the only (half) desirable Flash App redundant. No reason to infest it with an OS crashing lump of fail after all ;)

  6. Danny 14 Silver badge

    shame its android

    lets just hope you arent trying running a proxy via wifi. Or at least an authenticated proxy.

  7. Alastair 7

    AIR != Flash

    AIR runs on Flash, but it isn't Flash. As mentioned in the article, the native compilation to iPhone app seems so much more efficient, it's a real shame we won't be seeing it on Android either.

    There are a few frameworks allowing users to code for both iPhone and Android but they're all incomplete and without a major backer. Adobe could really fill that space if they wanted.

  8. Bizlaw

    Nice Security

    Think Adobe may want to fix the security problems in Flash which have existed for 18 months or so (and won't be fixed for another few weeks or more) before trying to expand to a new platform?

  9. Georges

    why do I need it?

    I already watch "youtubes" and "iplayer" on my iphone, and why do I need to install another layer on top of the Iphone OS? You can be sure that any website that forces me to install things like Java or flash and provides no alternative, will no longer have my business. All the articles i read about flash assumes that all users want it. NO. In my company, no flash and no java on our laptops. Guess what? I never missed them.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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