back to article Touchscreens take lead in smartphone biz

The world's smartphone makers shipped more touchscreen models in Q4 2009 than at any time in the past - and more touchphones than devices with buttons. During the quarter, 55 per cent of all smartphones shipped had touchscreens. That's just under 30m touchscreen handsets altogether, market watcher Canalys said today. …


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  1. JWS
    Thumb Down

    No Sh*t Sherlock

    Well that's no surprise since almost every bloody handset is a touch screen now! Only a few Nokias and most BBs aren't. Long live the keypad/board!

    1. Cameron Colley


      The manufacturers, apart from RIM and a couple of Nokias, seem determined to push people onto touchscreen by making virtually no keyboarded models. Surely I'm not the only person out there who doesn't like touchscreens?

      1. EvilGav 1

        Exactly . . .

        . . . but the headline "touchscreen sales up in market where keyboards are being dropped" doesn't sound so good.

        I have a Samsung Pixon, have used iPhone's and Android phones, but I use my phone more for text messages, so the touch screen keyboard is a piece of crap, due to the complete lack of a tactile response.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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