back to article AMD talks energy with 'Llano' cores

While Intel is talking up its "Westmere" CPUs and their graphics co-processing, which puts a 45 nanometer graphics chip and memory controller inside the same chip package as a two-core Core processor implemented using 32 nanometer processes, rival AMD wants to change the subject to a truly integrated, single-chip CPU/GPU …


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  1. Gordon 10 Silver badge

    AMD doomed to make the same mistakes again and again

    You know what AMD's problem is? They are a company run by Engineers, whereas Intel are run by the Marketeers. AMD wait until an optimal technical solution is reached. Intel shove a "Good Enough" solution out the door and refine it.

    So on paper we have a superior design to anything Intel are currently doing - BUT its not going to start generating revenue for at least a year. In the meantime Intel can use the cash from their 2 dies in a package approach to generate revenue to pay for incremental improvements and incidentally plot to include similar enhancements as AMD.

    Exactly the same as the original x86 Dual Core approaches with the exception that AMD are the ones on the backfoot, bleeding revenue and choking on ATI integration. Every time I think of AMD I think of a drunken boxer rooting through the bins mumbling about the time he could of fought Ali. They could have been contenders........

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  2. SFC

    ATI isn't the issue...

    Choking on ATI integration? The GPU's coming out of the ATI division are the only thing AMD has been doing right for the last 2 years...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    AMD dows it again, yes they have more advanced technology

    Hi, the first post was really funny. Complimenting Intel for just throwing a "gpu/cpu" which are essentially 'glued' together electronically just to make money. AMD chooses to do it right, and make an integrated cpu/gpu, as they did with the first true quad core cpu. AMD is the technical leader in cpu, and remember AMD and Intel have a cross licensing deal, so Intel will get AMD technology and come out later with their 'own' integrated cpu/gpu unit. For your info, alot of former Intel engineers work for AMD now. Wonder why? ATI has the best gpu out now with Directx 11... AMD does it again, they rock!

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