back to article Michael Dell snaps up Magnum photo archive

Michael Dell's investment tentacle, MSD Capital LP, has acquired the Magnum Photos agency's extensive print archive for an undisclosed sum, Bloomberg reports. The deal secures around 185,000 images representing the work of 103 photographers between the 1930s to 1998. The archive will reside for five years in the Harry Ransom …


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  1. Chris 3

    Easy mistake to make

    He probably thought he was buying up the original prints of Tom Selleck's most famous oeuvre

  2. Feargal Reilly


    Right, makes more sense now that I've read the article. I didn't think there were that many Tom Selleck photos out there.

    Mines the one with the moustache.

  3. John 62

    Dennis Stock?

    Does that mean MSD has bought all the stock photography, ever? :)

  4. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

    Not stock

    This is just the actual prints, the point of Magnum is that the photographers own the copyright.

    He has just bought a set of pretty pictures to look at.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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