back to article Brits to get 3G iPad early - and at a reduced price?

Will Brits be able to get their mitts on the iPad sooner than they thought? Apple UK's website seems to suggest they will. The gadget may also be cheaper than expected too. The site, updated late last week to incorporated pricing - stated, bizarrely, in US dollars - says: "Wi-Fi models shipping in late March. 3G models …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Looks like a mistake to me. I think they're just showing the US pricing everywhere. If you are looking at then it's the same as and and and everywhere. I don't expect that's actually how much it'll cost in these places.

    1. No, I will not fix your computer


      >> "bizarrely, in US dollars"

      Maybe because that should be £, that would make it less bizzare perhaps?

  2. VespertineStar
    Thumb Down

    Not gonna happen

    Stop kidding yourself, an 8 gig iPod touch will still set you back £152. I'll bet they start at £299-349 without a data plan and it will be free on one of those ridiculuosly overpriced dongle plans that every phone company seems to have these days.

  3. Pavlovs well trained dog
    Jobs Halo


    Lack of flash is NOT a flaw - the black-jersey'd one said so himself - its a user protecting Feature

    so please, have some respect for The Great Man and his latest Creation of Adoration

  4. Dan 10
    Paris Hilton


    "1.5kg weight" - 1.5 lbs, surely? IIRC, Apple describe it as 700g. That's doesn't seem too much.

    As for Flash, I can't decide. It is a bit crap, but nonetheless a lot of sites use it.

    As for whether this thing will be worth owning anyway, I have no idea. It probably all depends on how over-zealous the appstore approvers are, since that will, in part, determine what kind of stuff the device can be used for.

    Paris because without Flash, there's less pr0n.

  5. DrunkenMessiah


    The UK pricing on the site is just the same as the US pricing and then there's this:

    Wi-Fi models shipping in late March.

    3G models shipping in April.

    UK pricing to be announced.

    So I suspect the Pricing page is just a bit of leakage from the US site to UK.

    On the upside, the networks may very well subsidise the cost a little if you take a data plan. I wouldn't be doing that though as I already have unlimited data on the old smartphone so it's a bit redundant.

  6. jai


    you say "That implies to us that a low-cost 3G package like the one Apple announced it's providing through AT&T in the US isn't a given over here."

    if just last week they anticipated that they wouldn't be able to release the 3G one till June/July that but now they expect to release it alongside the US one, doesn't that in fact suggest that their talks with the UK operators are going very well and have speeded up the procress?

  7. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    It's all down to the exchange rate.

    All of us UK readers know that for the majority of US companies $1 === £1

    That makes it easy for the website admins to change the page for us!

    Tux because he likes things to be free

    1. chr0m4t1c


      Maybe that's the /real/ reason flash has been excluded, Adobe think $1=£1.50 most of the time.

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  9. Anonymous Coward

    Make mine the 2nd generation...

    ... stand back and watch the early adopters get ripped a new one ...

    As anyone who has followed apple hardware for a significant amount of time knows, never get a 1st generation product.

    Give it another six months to a year and the 2nd generation will be released with longer battery life, more features, cheaper price, more hard drive space, better data deal etc. - iow, they'll release the product they *should* have released in the first place.

    I don't predict a big take-up in Blighty for the 1st generation iPad, as most punters won't have a clue what it's for.

    1. Paul

      don't buy apple 1st, 2nd or any!

      @Matt 89

      let me correct that for you... never get a 1st or 2nd generation mac product, because by then linux will have taken the best bits and you'll not have to become an iSlave.

    2. Ascylto
      Jobs Halo


      "... they'll release the product they *should* have released in the first place." said Matt 89.

      A bit like Windows, then.

      Oh no ... Microsoft NEVER release the one they should have.

      Duh! Of course the second generation will be 'enhanced'. It's known as Marketing. So will the 3rd generation ... just look at the iPods and iPhones.

  10. deshepherd

    Low cost 3G

    The US 3G packages didn't seem low cost to me ... I'm getting "unlimitted" internet (ok, there is a 40MB/day fair usage "limit" - but there's no extra charges for exceeding - just a warnign of potential stroppy warnings and possible access restrictions for persistent excesses) and I'm only paying £20 for 6 months on my PAYG android phone.

    Of course, iPad requires a micro-SIM which may enable telco's to restrict it to specific iPad orientated plans (and doubtless these can be made appealing to the standard iPad user by being reassuringly expensive)

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    C'mon illustrious readers?

    Okay Apple chooses its device to run its operating system in a way that maximises its hardware with working methods well-defined and available by SDK or transference of working methods on iPhone. It excludes Flash and hey-ho roll out CSS, HTML5 and so forth?

    And by doing so it adds verve and excitement, generation and regeneration to tablet and phone markets with obvious niches for wannabees.

    I humbly propose that it ain't no bad ting yes?

    If hardware, software, ... , carriers really want to see the market mature quickly (and that is probably in their best longterm interests) then it would also seem fitting for carriers to do a sound bit of bullet biting too.

    It makes good commercial sense.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      re: Low cost 3G

      "I'm only paying £20 for 6 months on my PAYG android phone" - so who's your provider and which tariff is your data? Sounds decent.

  12. Anonymous Coward


    Yup, 1.5lbs, not 1.5Kg. Quand meme.

  13. Adam T

    Means nothing

    I think you're being overly optimistic, as it just says "International Pricing to be announced."

    Which means bugger all. I doubt they'll be cheap after VAT and duty.

  14. Roy Cunningham


    Hows about forget the 3G version and wireless tether to my Android phone?

    Personaly I'm finding it hard to see the need for another gadget like this...except it's shiny...ooooh. It's not going to give me anymore functionality than my current laptop, netbook, ipod and android phone...ah well

  15. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    March/April which year?

    Do they think we can afford it, what with the economy... what with the economy?

    1. DrunkenMessiah


      Who cares? The recession is over buddy!

      1. Matt Bridge-Wilkinson

        Recession over?

        Recession isnt over sorry? Its gone up 0.1% over a period that includes...Christmas? A time of year when everyone generally spends more than the rest of the year... Think about it ;)

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Good luck with that. Tethering devices with Android requires either jailbreaking, or the ability to run extra cruft on the client machine.

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  17. BristolBachelor Gold badge

    How many dataplans ?

    I don't understand why I need a dataplan for a USB dongle for my notebook, a different one for my mobile, and now a 3rd one for an iPad.

    Why I can't have ONE dataplan and use it on any of my devices? I can't even use one of these 3G Wifi thingys on a dataplan because some things on my phone refuse to connect over WiFi - 3G only :(

  18. Seanie Ryan


    everybody forecast doom and death to the iphone because it had no flash (software that is) and , oh wonder of wonders, its selling by the bucket load. I have yet to be put out in any way by not having flash on it and i surf a good bit on it.

    so save yourselves the pointless debate, because history has already proven that it doesnt matter.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      You dont need flash on a phone really... its primary function is not web usage.

      The iFad is being sold on the basis of email, iBooks and... web usage.. so a large number of sites wont work - especially the online games sites like say Pogo (flash/java), Ninja Kiwi, etc. which would be the main draw of something like this.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        re: But...

        "You dont need flash on a phone really... its primary function is not web usage." Th iPhone is a smartphone sold with data contracts. It doesn't really have a 'primary function' as such. I got mine for use as an email and internet device, the phone functionality is secondary.

        iFad? How old are you, 12? " a large number of sites wont work - especially the online games sites like say Pogo (flash/java), Ninja Kiwi, etc. which would be the main draw of something like this." Based on what exactly?

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother


    Yes, I can see "cheaper than expected" being used a lot as an iPad reference.

  20. simoncm

    @ BristolBachelor

    Only one data plan - just get a Mifi from 3, or the Novatel Mobile Wifi block from Carphonewarehouse.

    Granted your dataplan will cost £15 ish, and the block a further £30-£70, but there you have portable internet for your laptop, netbook , ipod touch, ipad, iphone (fakey wifi for all those wifi only apps), and any of your mates with such things will love you for it.

    Pluse £30-70 is much cheaper than the $130 difference between the 3G and non 3G pads.

    1. Dr Richard

      Mifi from 3 ...

      is very cool and I got one as a dongle upgrade and now just pay £7 per month for the 1Gb tariff which may or may not be enough for mobile ipad usage but definitely a cheap deal.

      It's true that a 2nd or 3rd gen ipad would definitely be better but I will wait to see how well it actually works in the hand to see whether I get hooked now or later 8-)

    2. alphaxion


      problem being, he said his phone sometimes demands to use the 3G connection and refuses wifi.

      In that case I'd suggest ditching the phone for a better one and grabbing a mifi anyway - The fusion of a portable wifi access point with a 3G modem is pure genius. :D

  21. Torben Mogensen

    Not subsidy

    Don't call the instalment plans offered by service providers "subsidy". Subsidy would mean that the SPs actually cover part of the cost, but they don't: They just allow you to pay it over several instalments in the form of an over-priced subscription rate during the bound period.

    By calling it subsidy, you are just helping the SPs mislead customers.

  22. Anonymous Coward


    Not sure what this article is on about. The original announcement said the iPad would be available in 60 days (March) for the wifi version, and 90 days (April) for the 3G + wifi one.

  23. Alhazared
    Jobs Horns

    Pound for Pound and tethering

    Historically speaking the apple dollar has been at parity with the pound for some time, so I expect to pay about £400 for the ipad.

    Will I be able to tether a wifi iPad with an iphone 3GS? that should get around the need for another dongle dataplan. Otherwise I might take up residency in Costa coffee.

    I'm gutted that I can't play farmville on my iphone (not). I'll just have to put up with all the free games I can download from the appstore.

    If you haven't tried it use, it makes navigating the 160,000 apps a lot easier and if you select the "price change" option you can pick up some bargains as the developer releases their next version.

    Evil Steve because If Google don't someone has to and you can't take Steve Ballmer seriously these days

  24. what the .... is this anyway

    The latest T3 Mag got the answer what the Ipad is for

    Schools, collages and unis. More and more schools abandon textbooks and use laptops and more recently iTouchs. The ipad is what all the schools want and need a lightweight device easy to use for all students and teachers and most important of all no cameras for school childeren to get into trouble with. T3 Magazine page 102 - 104 yes 3 pages explains it all. Apple wants all the schools, collages and unis to use there divice and designed it to what they want.

    Laptops are great but the average laptop still weighs to much and breakdown to often software wise.


    1. Anonymous Coward

      Not being funny, but...

      It's "college" and "children". And "device". However I'm sure you're being ironic.

      And "their". Oh and "too" too, twice. And to be really pedantic, "software-wise".


    2. AMW

      T3 ?

      I wouldn't take T3 as gospel with regard to their insights on technology. They are gadget orientated and tend to skip the real detail and testing that is required to determine the in-depth benefits of "new" (???) technology.

      And as far as "ipad is what all the schools want and need.....". Where is the research to back up this statement ? Have you ever tried typing anything meaningful or detailed on a touch screen or even on a keyboard that had no keys ???

      As to "Apple wants all the schools, collages and unis to use there divice and designed it to what they want.".

      I can't recall seeing or reading any information with regard to this anywhere leading up to launch. If they had done any testing with colleges or universities then don't you think that there would have been very little speculation and rumour.

      Personally, i think it is an interesting device but like others will wait and see what develops over the next year and any updates Apple develop. But already having a mobile with unlimited wifi/3g data and a laptop i do not think i will be parting with my money.

  25. Lime Smoothie

    Schools, 'collages' and 'unis'

    I assume you meant schools, colleges and universities? I digress. Did you miss the part where the economy is in the toilet? We've barely got enough money for standard £15-20 each course text books, never mind equipping 800+ pupils with fancy-dan iPads.

    Yours, mired in reality.

    A Teacher

  26. Faster Better Greener

    iPad. Why I shall be shelling out (again)...

    Much discussion above about how iPad isn't sufficiently differentiated from smartphone to drive a major transformation in the market. Here's a few reasons why, for me, it WILL be worth getting one. Rather than looking at the issue in the abstract, I looked back at all the activities I have carried out on my iPhone and/or MacBook Pro (MBP) in the last 7 days and identified those which would have been easier to conduct on an iPad.

    1) Trading financial options whilst on WiFi in Caffe Nero, using MBP, using BT OpenZone free WiFi minutes bundled with my BT landline contract. Definite win for iPad. Screen big enough to do the job. Free third party WiFi usable. 5lbs less weight to lug about.

    2) Trading financial options whilst on WiFi in Starbucks, using iPhone, using O2 unlimited free WiFi minutes bundled with my £20/month iPhone contract, via BT OpenZone. Definite win for iPad, but for slightly different reasons, primarily because iPhone screen too small for the job. Free third party WiFi usable. Means lugging about the iPad in addition to the iPhone, but REALLY worth it to be able to see a number of financial positions simultaneously, particularly when prices are changing fast in volatile markets.

    3) Watching Hollywood movie on long train journey on iPhone. Obvious win for iPad. Not just because of larger screen real estate and vastly better viewing angle, but Apple's cover accessory will make it easy to stand the device up on the train table to get a good viewing position without having to constantly hold the device.

    4) Playing Real Racing on iPhone whilst bored in the back row of a conference hall. Small form factor of iPhone enables discreet distraction from some twazzock's interminable crap PPT, but larger iPad screen will enable the inclusion of more controls and functions, notably a permanently-visible rear view mirror: dead handy when deciding the best moment to slam the brakes on to cause havoc behind. iPad will not be as easy to hide...

    5) Delivering 4 presentations using Keynote and Numbers, editing them whilst travelling to venue. This is the key one for me. 100% delighted that Apple will be marketing what appears to be a thoroughly reworked iWorks Suite at launch of iPad. Some of the functions look like they might even be EASIER to use on the multi-touch UI than in the (already excellent) Mac implementation. This means I will be able to make edits on the iPad as I tweak shows to specific audiences.

    So, it appears that I will be able to ditch the MBP for EVERY session where I am presenting to small groups (3 or 4 people) and just use the iPad. Huge weight saving and convenience here.

    But, for larger groups I will need to hook up to a projector in the normal manner. From Apple website this appears to work via the 30-pin connector in the back of the device itself, or alternatively in the back of the dock. Some questions will need to be answered there before it becomes clear whether the iPad can replace the MBP in this situation. Namely:

    a) Can the iPad charge and output video at the same time? Or can the one connector ONLY be used for ONE of these functions at once?

    b) Apple's tech specs show a good range of image and media types handled (Flash isn't an issue for me) but the video connections could be limiting. Lack of any DVI/HDMI may be a real hinderance.

    APPLE SPEC FOR VIDEO OUTPUT Support for 1024 x 768 with Dock Connector to VGA adapter; 576p and 480p with Apple Component A/V Cable, 576i and 480i with Apple Composite Cable.

    It would probably be impossible to use Component or Composite cables with 99% of conference room projectors anyway, so it looks like it's a step back to 1024x768. Subsidiary question: will the the iPad automatically scale and/and letterbox and/or aspect adjust Keynote presentation that have been made on the Mac version of iWorks at larger resolutions (eg 1920 x 1080)?


    This has a huge upside for Apple, namely that the vast bulk of video formatted for Apple TV (and that's over 8000 movie and TV titles) will run on the iPad with no transcoding in a quality that will really demo the iPad screen to its full effect. However, for me in presentation terms this could be a problem. I use a lot of Full HD 1080p video (using H.264 codecs) embedded in my Keynote shows.

    Summary: for 95% of day-to-day Keynote and Numbers work, iPad will work fine. The 5% of really high-end stuff may need some video transcoding. Not a showstopper for me: spending a few hours whilst files render through Q-Master will be worth it when I walk my monthly usual several miles walking through airports and rail stations with ONE bag (iPad in cabin-baggage-sized overnight case) instead of TWO (overnight AND laptop cases).

    6) Word Processing on the go. Pages looks good. In common with all customers for current generation iMacs, I already have a WiFi keyboard lying around, so will be able to use that when at desk. On screen keyboard looks pretty nifty. Proof will be in the using. Anticipate iPad document creation/reading abilities will be perfectly sufficient for on-the-road. Will still use desktop Mac with large screen for major document creation.

    7) Duplication of iPhone costs/3G in iPad issues? Like many UK iPhone owners, mine's just emerged from its original O2 contract. The phone is fully depreciated in the accounts. O2's current retention deal (£20 month with unlimited data and no lock-in) is very keenly priced and only slightly more than one would pay for a bog standard RubbishFone. So iPad is an additional cost at acquisition, but network access costs will be nil. I will not get 3G on the iPad, will continue to use iPhone for email when not in WiFi coverage. If there's any email which comes in whilst WiFi is inaccessible (say a complicated .doc attachment that requires editing) I would pick this up first on the iPhone to review and for initial response. Would then pick up on iPad at next WiFi opportunity for editing. Or will it be possible to transfer files from iPhone to iPad using Bluetooth?

    All-in-all, iPad looks like a buy for me. Projector connectivity could be a hassle. But additional screen size and optimised iWork apps look very strong. Will keep iPhone. Remains to be seen if MBP becomes entirely superfluous.

    I strongly suspect that better video-out will be a feature in iPad 2.0, but not having to lug MBP to many events is already a strong enough rationale for me to get v 1.0 in full knowledge that compromises are being made.

    IMHO, pricing of iPad looks like a game-changer.

  27. Anonymous Coward

    @ Faster Better Greener

    Your post reminds me of the opening scene from Spaceballs.

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