back to article Orange serves up Monkey's brains to advertisers

Orange has launched a new advertising platform, aimed at advertisers wanting to exploit customers on its Monkey tariff, using technology inherited from Blyk. "Orange Shots" is based on the platform developed by Blyk for the latter's advertising-supported free-calls service, the UK part of which was hosted by Orange until it …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Advertisers will, no doubt, be equally delighted

    to hear that customers will be getting an opportunity to build an engaging and enduring relationship with an alternate provider

  2. Smallbrainfield
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    Because people love adverts, don't they. I'm on Orange but I have no idea what animal sprit represents my tariff. Probably a basenji.

  3. Gotno iShit Wantno iShit
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    Stick that f'king 'phone up your f'king ass.....

    ....will be what Orange will be told to do if they roll this out to my pay monthly account on any basis other than opt-in.

  4. RichyS
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    Monkey Tennis

    And I thought that it was monkeys that flung shit at you, not the other way around.

  5. paulf Silver badge

    Stuff that

    So glad I'm not orange, and to think I almost returned recently for the HTC Hero! Much better to buy one SIM free and avoid that FAIL of a French network. Hans Snook must be mortified at what has happened to the network he built in the 1990s.

    So let me get this right Orange subs will have to pay the premium prices Orange charge, and they'll also have to endure ads too? FAIL FAIL FAIL

  6. Anonymous Coward


    F'king Orange spam me themselves via txt anyway- often arriving in the small hours and waking me up (I need to have my phone not musted, various reasons). Weirdly, Thorntons ( do too, and goodness knows who they bought my number from. The latter have been reported to the Information Commisioner's office.

    I have been promised faithfully by Orange customer services that they will stop spamming me about crap each time I complain. The delicious Indian accents of their service people doesn't help my stern objectivity, mind... However, it never seems to do any good, still the spam comes.

    I have had enough. I am waiting for the mobile operators to finish fighting each others over tariffs after the iThingy launches, and then I shall be looking for a new carrier. F'k Orange, right in the ear.

  7. Matt Brigden

    So you want to send me more sms spam?

    hell bloody no !! I already get a deluge of you havent topped us this week bullshit and congratulations you have won 4mb of free internet use which as I topped up by £10 to get free internet anyway is pretty frickin pointless ! . Someone tell me how to opt out of those as well please ! . At 3am I dont want to bloody know !

  8. Rod MacLean

    weasel words

    "Orange tell us that the service will, initially, be offered to new Monkeys only, who will be able to opt out at any time by contacting customer services or sending a "STOP" message - though they'll lose access to the "exclusive content and offers" obviously."

    So, if you elect to stop the spam then you lose access to the "exclusive content and offers"?? Big deal. Everyone knows that "exclusive content and offers" is marketing-speak for SPAM and LOTS of it!

    I really hate it when companies try to make me think that getting sent their crud is going to be a good idea. It just infuriates me that they think I might be stupid enough to fall for that BS

  9. A J Stiles
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    Doomed to fail

    I really, really hope this venture goes tits-up. Because if it succeeds, the next thing will undoubtedly be audio advertisements *within* your calls.

    Mobile networks are by nature not circuit-switched; so it's even possible to play different adverts to the calling and called subscribers, and disconnect them from each other to prevent them talking across the advert.

    Sadly, I don't see the people of this country rising up against this sort of thing anytime soon.

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