back to article Asus confirms e-book reader trio

Asus has clarified plans for an e-book reader rollout, telling Register Hardware that it will launch three models in the UK this year. Asus_DR950_01 The DR-950: Asus' first and largest e-book viewer Details of a 5.7in colour-capable Asus e-book reader – the DR-570 – appeared earlier today. However, Asus has since told us …


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  1. David Edwards


    Very interesting indeed. All I want is an electronic notepad, doc reader so I can take notes into meetings and make notes in meetings, anythign else is a bonus.

  2. Neill Mitchell

    Price war?

    Let's hope Asus chooses to seriously undercut the competition to get market share. Hopefully this will drive the price of this type of device down.

    Then all we need is the publishers to stop being greedy and eBooks might finally take off. This is likely to be the huge fly in the ointment. It doesn't matter how many manufacturers start producing readers, if the eBooks themselves remain at their current prices then people just won't go there.

    1. J. Cook Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Same here...

      The ability to store technical or service manuals on it is a nice feature as well. Oh sure, I could go and track down a tablet PC on E-Bay, but there's too much overhead and maintenance for a tablet PC to make it worthwhile, AND the battery life on used tablets generally sucks.

    2. Magnethead

      They should learn from the records industry

      Usenet and BT sites are already rife with ebooks, and because of the small size for each book it would only take a couple of seconds to download the latest best seller. If the publishers don't wake up and move with the times quickly they will soon find that their future business has already been destroyed by the freetards.

      1. Trixr Bronze badge

        Which goes to show that the DRM doesn't work

        No, they should make the e-books readily available at a reasonable price, and then the punters will actually -buy- them. DRM certainly hasn't stopped the books being wildly available as you observe. While I hate the Kindle and everything it stands for, the reasonable price of Amazon ebooks is what has gotten this thing off the ground in the past year.

        Also, with your grizzling about music downloads, aren't there statistics that show music purchases on the the rise, if you include MP3 purchases? The only thing that's "killed" record companies (and how many have gone bust lately, hm?) is their refusal to acknowledge that the CD is no longer king. Simple.

  3. Waderider

    I want one.........

    My mother-in-law has just been lucky enough to have been gifted a Sony ereader Touch, which I have set up for her. I'm impressed by the concept of these devices, and will buy one.

    I can't though, the price is absolutely ridiculous for them. I'd pay £100 for a touch screen model; that's when I'll jump in. I've already got a netbook and a phone, thanks.

  4. Llanfair

    I hope they get cheaper

    I really would like to use an E-book reader to save having to carry many books with me, when I can just use the pdf versions of those books.

    I guess, I could also convert lecture notes into PDFs as well and carry them with me. The thing that really annoys me is the cost. They do much less than what netbooks do, yet are about the same cost as the first generation of netbooks.

  5. Efros
    Paris Hilton

    Price will be

    Whatever the Kindle is -$10.

    Paris cos she is available in flash.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    either 3.5G or 802.11G :(

  7. Matt 13


    what is the colour display? a traditional battery munching un-sunlight readable LCD??

    Anyway, I like the idea of the little 5" - fingers crossed its less than 100... ideal around the 70 quid mark and ill have 2! :) but... back in reality land!!!

    1. Brian 6

      @Matt 13

      "what is the colour display? a traditional battery munching un-sunlight readable LCD??" No its not.

    2. Antidisestablishmentarianist

      Not LCD

      It'll be a colour eInk display, like so many companies have been promising for the last, what...decade? Who will be the first to market eh?

    3. Stuart Archer


      According to one of El Reg's CES reports, it's an OLED screen

  8. Matt Bucknall
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    If any of these....

    ...come in under £100 I'll be a happy man.

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