back to article Beamz shines light on laser-strummed musical instrument

  Watch in HD at Reg Hardware's YouTube channel Can't see the video? Download FlashPlayer from The Beamz


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  1. jake Silver badge

    No comment(ard)ary from ElReg?

    No description? At all? No reason for me to hit !GooMyFaceYouTwit?

    OK, then, I won't bother ... if it's not important enough for you to at least outline it, it certainly isn't important enough for me to drop my filters and try to figure out what you are (not) babbling about. Thanks for letting me know in advance that it's not worth clicking on ...

  2. Tullibardine

    Oh NO!

    More junk posing as a musical instrument, someone call the Advertising Standards board. What's the betting that it doesn't have any lasers in it either. A bicycle powered CD player would be more useful.

  3. Greg D

    new? i think not.

    this looks like a smaller version of the one Jean-Michelle Jarre used back in the 80's. just google laser harp.

    ok maybe slightly different, but it aint a new idea.

    1. Alex-TheManfromUncle

      What he said...

      "Roger that!"

This topic is closed for new posts.

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