back to article Palm re-models Pre and Pixi phones

Palm is launching two Web OS phones, the latest rev of the Pre and Pixi handsets. palm_pre_plus Palm's Pre Plus: no button and more memory The Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus launch in North America on 25 January, with Verizon chosen as the exclusive network operator. No UK launch date has been announced. Palm teamed up with …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Palm Pre

    It looks so much like a pebble (more so this new one) that everytime I see a pic of one I want to grab it and try to skip it over a pond.

  2. Lutin

    Nearly there

    IMO, the Pre was very, very close to being a really good phone. I don't think this slight improvement will be enough to see it compete UNLESS they price it attractively (ie < iphone).

    Also, why the bleeding hell don't they just stick a micro sd slot in this thing (I would have been tempted by the original pre, but 8gb was just too small)?

  3. Jerome 0
    Paris Hilton

    Not the prettiest design

    Is it just me, or are those things seriously ugly? I suppose that sort of thing is pretty subjective, I think the Touch HD2 is the nicest looking smartphone around at the moment (although not nice enough to put up with Windows Mobile for it).

  4. Jeremy Chappell

    Better build?

    If this thing is screwed together better than the original then they really have something. The early Pre felt rather fragile - the loose slide mechanism especially so, and there was a very nasty "sharp edge" around the keyboard (not actually a "problem" but made the thing "feel cheap"). The last wish is for better battery life... maybe I'm asking too much.

    IMHO the loss of the button is an improvement, the already pretty Pre looks even better, let's just hope it doesn't disappoint in person and makes it to our fair shores pretty quickly (especially if someone other than O2 can carry it!).

  5. andewrjones

    Get rid of the keyboard...

    ... and I would be interested.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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