back to article Google uncloaks the Nexus One

Google has surprised no one by unveiling the Google-branded and Google-sold Nexus One phone at a press event in Mountain View. Manufactured by Taiwanese manufacturer HTC, the phone will be sold through an online store operated by Google at The phone can be purchased unlocked for $529 or in tandem with …


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  1. Chris Watson 2

    Google's mystery cloak

    > This post will be continuous updated as Google veils new information.

    So the article will be getting shorter?

    1. Geoffrey Summerhayes

      Google's mystery cloak

      They'll also cloud your mind and pluck the memory of the article from it. Swiftly and silently, as if they were Amazon and your mind was a Kindle.

      Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Google knows. Mwah hah ha!

  2. Jim Carter


    I hope they don't have problems with the Nexus 6 model...

  3. Steven Raith
    Thumb Up


    So that's £330. Or £450 once the 'real' price conversion is done.

    Rather a lot for a phone, but it does look quite good. Will have to see what T-mobile do with it over here, if anything.

    I'm assuming that it being 3G means it will work in Europe with, for example, my existing T-mobile contract SIM which has free data on it?

    Steven R

    PS: Sarah, please feel free to nix any further Nexus 6 jokes with prejudice - it's already getting extremely tired.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Terminology reminder

      <quote> PS: Sarah, please feel free to nix any further Nexus 6 jokes with prejudice - it's already getting extremely tired. </quote>

      Nix? I believe the official term is "Retire".

  4. TedZeus

    No AT&T 3G support

  5. Anonymous Coward

    3G GSM

    Surprised there are differing 3G standards... are all the UK networks the same?

    Hope HTC have improved their reliability, a friend went through 3 HTC smartphones before getting a 3GS.

    1. vincent himpe


      3G is a 'collection' of standards .. 3G simply means 3rd generation mobile network...

  6. vincent himpe
    Thumb Down

    wtf ?

    voize enabled keyboard. like in 'ok keyboard, start typing' ....

    and what is that trackball doing there. i thougnht this thing was touch ?

    1. alun phillips

      trackball is essential

      When working outside the OS i.e with the bootloader Touch screen doesn't work so the trackball is essential for anyone wishing to mod there device

  7. IR


    It looks almost exactly like the Droid Eris, which is based on the HTC Hero.

  8. R 11

    330 quid with a trackerball

    It'll cost more than 330 in the UK because you need to add VAT. 17.5% on 330 is 57.75. If it's available unlocked in the UK, 400 might be the price point. If you can buy from Google in the US, the postman will deliver a bill for the import duty and VAT.

    I'd imagine the trackerball is there because you don't want your fingers all over the screen at the same time as you are reading. On an iPhone, when you finish reading what's on the screen, you have to disrupt your view by scrolling with your finger.

  9. Ed 11

    Work in the UK

    Per the Google 'will this phone work with my SIM' link the Nexus will support three 3G/UMTS Bands - 1/4/8 (2100/AWS/900).

    Given all UK 3G networks operate at 2100, the Nexus will indeed work on all UK 3G networks.

    Looks very interesting. I'll probably use it to replace my iPhone 3G as long as Vodafone offer it on a 12 month contract in the not too distant future.

    1. Hermes Conran

      All the UK networks,

      seem to have moved first to 18mth then to 2year contracts (no collusion there!) when you do the maths you are often better of pay up front and choosing a cheaper tariff.

  10. ShaggyDoggy


    Google also announced on 5 January a plan to launch "pay to call" adverts that would appear on mobile phones.

    First one that appears and my Nexus One becomes Nexus Zero very fast.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    More Phoney than Phone.

  12. Al Jones

    That's the nice thing about standards,

    there's so many to choose from.

    "it's designed to tap the 3G frequencies used by T-Mobile USA. This means that it cannot be used with AT&T's 3G network. "

    FFS, it's bad enough that Verizon customers can't bring their phones abroad, now AT&T wants to cut it's customers off from the next "world standard".

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Google is at fault here not AT&T!

      Google have chosen not to support the AT&T 3G frequencies, my AT&T 3G iPhone works great worldwide.......

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Credit where credit due

    All credit to google for stuff well presented in a rather neat manner.

    I hope it will gp well for them.

    Who knows?

    Maybe the next Nokia will be the google?

  14. matthew maclean
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    Stop moaning....

    I've got the HTC hero and its pretty sweet. This has a better processor, looks a lot better and will keep you out of the douche "i've got an iPhone, I'm cool" category.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      it will still keep you

      in the "I paid a stupid amount of money for a telephone" category though.

    2. Fashtas

      Errr.... yeah right...

      > and will keep you out of the douche "i've got an iPhone, I'm cool" category.

      Yeah... no it won't... There will just be a new category "I've got a google phone. I'm alternative!"

      I still want one though :(

      1. Oliver 7

        You got it

        LOL - precisely. My Hero is working out at about £22 a month (2yrs/600m/Unltd txt/500MB) after thoroughly researching the best deals (sure someone will tell me they got it cheaper). With this setup you're more than likely going to end up on something closer to £35 a month (I'm imagining it's going to be cheaper than iPhone otherwise what's the point right?).

        Any pointers on the tarriffs that will be offered yet?

  15. Magnus Ramage

    Superphone schmooperphone

    It's very nice and all that, but hardly defines a new category of device. You might just about argue that the iPhone did that (or you might not) but this one surely doesn't. Unless it's 'super' in the sense of "kills all known products from fruit-based competitors stone dead". Otherwise - enough already with the marketing hype.

    1. GeorgeTuk

      To be fair to them...

      ...I haven't heard them say it was going to be "bestest fone 4eva lol@" and don't think they ever wanted to re-define phones.

      Like they didn't redesign search engines, or email or docs but plenty of people use them and I think thats what they want. Something shiny and new but not so radical that it is a big risk.

    2. GeorgeTuk

      Erm, just read it again and noticed...

      ...they themselves put it in "superphone" category, sorry!

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        It depends on what they mean by "superphone", if they mean superphone like we mean superman (no, leave the alien bit alone), then it does fit that definition, it's faster and more powerful than (I think) any other phone - 1Ghz baby.

        If they mean superphone as it's being taken here, as a revolutionary device (superman has a 3rd arm?) then no, it's not a superphone.

  16. Jason D
    Big Brother


    I just realised that Google actually owns YouTube. Could Google pull a Microsoft and 'lock' Youtube so that only their phone, or Android OSes, can access it?

    Highly unlikely, given the Apple usage, but then again Google may use it as a bargaining chip in case they want to go all Palm Pre and ask to use the iTunes package for mp3 transfers etc, only asking that they show Google ads with each video somehow to net them some profit, since as it is now, no ads are shown, only the video.

    Food for thought though...

  17. Andrew Barratt

    Sick of hearing the bbc report this as Googles first phone

    Did they miss the G1 and G2 that are google phones on t-mob???

  18. Sean Timarco Baggaley

    Played with the demo on their website...

    So... this is what Google calls "innovation" now, is it? Jesus Horatio Fogharty Christ, talk about derivative. If Steve Jobs cracks another "Start your photocopiers!" gag in his next keynote, it certainly won't be at Microsoft's expense. At least Microsoft put in *some* effort into differentiating their products from their rivals', even if the results aren't always successful.

    I don't think Google's phone is a serious threat to the iPhone in this incarnation mainly because it's not officially available outside the US. But it's a good first effort. Competition is good, but it'd be nice to see someone try something genuinely innovative and different, instead of simply ripping-off a rival product.

    Verdict: "Meh / 10."

  19. Cliff

    HTC release Android phone...

    In other news...

    Really, is this so big a deal? The G1 has Google branding on the back of an HTC handset running Android. I love my G1 though, it's been really reliable and as I use it to halfway run my business having the keyboard is something I'll never go back from!

    The voice keyboard will be a chuckle though.. "Capital aitch eee el el owe space capital double you oh arr el dee altkey 1" - much quicker than typing ;-)

  20. Greg J Preece

    I like it

    When I read "AMOLED" that got a reaction - the screen on my Cowon S9 is similar and looks amazing (S9 owners, watch Wall-E on it - wow!). 1Ghz sounds fun too, but there are things about Android that still get on my tits, so I'm not sure... No physical keyboard either - I hate onscreen keyboards.

    It'd be a toss-up between this, the Droid, and the N900. Personally, I'm swayed toward the N900 - makes absolutely no fashion statement, has a proper keyboard, and runs full-fat Linux. Aw yeah.

    That said, if the sound quality out of this is good enough, I wonder if it would be possible to finally stop carrying a phone *and* a media player...

  21. GeorgeTuk
    Thumb Up

    Please come out on more than one network...

    O2 have got no Google Android handsets nor Orange and we need some smartphones sharpish. Windows Mobile is crap, Blackberry is a pay for and iPhones are just too damn expensive.

    Unless someone wants to correct me?!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Not on o2 - So?

      Given how o2 have under advertised the Palm Pre compared to the iPhone it's no big deal if they don't get this.

      Competition would be nice, but as the iPhone shown if you have the device in demand you can charge the same as the competition and still get away with it.

      Price wise this will have to be good, I know it's tarriff dependant but if I have to fork out £200 on a phone on a £35 a month and up plan I'll get an iPhone, despite my general dislike of apple products (too style over substance, and too pricey).

    2. David Licence


      Orange have the Hero

  22. Ian Prickett

    I'm pretty sure my iPhone 3G worked fine in the UK

    So I took my US AT&T iPhone 3G to the UK and it connected fine to the Orange and Vodafone 3G networks without any problems so I'm not sure why the new Google phone wouldn't be able to do the same as I've not heard of UK 3G phones not being able to connect to the AT&T 3G network.......

    Seems odd that Google/HTC are going to produce a Verizon version of the phone but aren't willing to have their 3G one support AT&T unless it's just an excuse to limit wireless provider choice, way to shake up the industry Google.

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Will you have to bid to keep your phone number or will the next bloke who comes along, who's willing to pay a bit more, be able to steal it out from under me? What the hell, it is google...

  24. Graham Lockley


    <Hope HTC have improved their reliability, a friend went through 3 HTC smartphones before getting a 3GS.>

    Odd, I'm on my third HTC phone. Trouble is thats over the last 7 or 8 years and each one is still working perfectly. As our merkin lawyer friends insist 'your experience may vary' but mine is very positive with regards to HTC.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      I've had 2 of the SPVs, the original and the E200, the original sadly did break, when I landed on it jumping out of a tree (it was on a belt clip, I rolled, splat) - however the E200 hardware still works, unfortunately it's still running Windows Mobile.

      I just wish they'd start using better cameras. The quality of my bro's Nokia N97 camera destroys my HTC Magic.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        SPV M3100...

        Or HTC Tytn II. Bag. Of. Shite. Build quality-wise, just terrible. Over a period of 18 months I had to have 2 replacement handsets. I admit I'm not the most careful individual, but none of my previous phones have been that poorly and cheaply made. OS-wise, could there be a mobile abomination worse than Orange doctored Windows Mobile? It needed rebooting at least twice a day. Industrial design-wise, the Tytn is a pig, end of. It was too big for little screen real estate. My girlfriend has a HTC Tattoo, which IMHO is a much better effort, but the OS feels like most Google apps - half baked. I’ll stick with my iPhone 3G and wait for Apple’s inevitable response.

    2. Greg J Preece

      HTCs I've had were invincible

      I give my phones some shit, and the HTC have taken everything I could throw at them. I've lost count of the number of times I've dropped my Athena down stairs, off the attic ladder, kicked it, stood on it, sat one it, knelt on it - works perfectly. MDA III was the same. That's why I like 'em.

  25. AndrewG

    Google or apple?


    Googlephone or Applephone?

    Id normally pick the lesser of two evils but with these two.......

  26. JonathonS


    Both Orange and T-Mobile offer the HTC Hero, which is an Android handset. Vodafone offer the HTC Magic, which is also an Android handset. Not sure about 02.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Samsung Galaxy (i7500)

      is available on O2 I believe.

  27. Gary F 1

    All that hype for minimum impact...

    Google launch a phone and most of the world yawn. (All except the Apple hating, Reg nerdcore)

    Innovation = none.

    Imitation = maximum.

    I love how they self appoint themselves into the non-existent "Superphone" category.

    If they can do that, then I nominate myself into the "worlds cleverest and bestest lover, king of the world" category.


    Ooooh look nerdcore........ it's a crappy HTC iphone copy with Google branding....... quick, purchase and worship it (But only because its not Apple and it's "alternative" and will make all the girls think you are edgy, subversive and cool).

    Sorry, but I will wait a few more months to see what the REAL innovators will do, not make do with a Google branded, catch-up phone.

    1. Greg J Preece

      And the award for missing the point goes to...


    2. Law

      I can't imagine...

      ... you are being serious, but you've been keeping up this joke since june last year - I think all but one of the comments you've ever posted has been grilling people for being anything but positive about Apple products. If they arn't, you immediately call them losers or nerdcore (wtf?). It's fanboys like you that make me want to smash my macbook pro to pieces! ;)

      If you remove the good ol' fanboy goggles for just a moment, you will see that the Nexus One looks like a decent phone, and it's not the "look" of the phone that will seperate itself from the iPhone, it's the software and services.

      I'll be waiting until March before making a decision on whether to keep my HTC Hero, post 2.1 update (allegedly Q1), or get a Nexus One.... but the main reason for waiting for march will be to see if Apple implement background services and widgets. They also need to do something that the iphone (and all android phones) have failed to do so far, which is rival my old N95 for camera picture quality. This means we need some decent optics, a half useful flash, a lens cover (which opens camera app when opened) and for the camera app to load in less than 3 seconds.

      Also, not everything anybody does with mobiles after the iPhone is to copy Apple, companies will often look at what works in other products and try to build that into their product too... the same way Apple take ideas and things that work from other non-apple products too... it's not a one way street. This isn't an anti-apple rant, I'm quite happy with all the apple products I've bought, as well as other manufacturers - I'm just trying to make you think... so, consider this: visual voice mail wasn't an apple idea, neither was colour screens, touch screens, silent mode(profiles), ring tones, mp3 playback, 3rd party software, background apps, spell checker, airplane mode, wifi, built in camera, and the million other things the iphone took from many years of progression in the mobile industry. They swept in, took all the bits they liked, bundled it together with a nice UI and called it progress. Which it was. And now, Google have asked HTC to build them hardware, that they can bundle their own software on to, with features you won't find on an iPhone... and this is also progress. I'm sure now Apple (and others) will attempt to up their game a little more.

  28. Neil Barnes Silver badge

    Be still my beating heart...

    Oh my. It's a phone. That can do stuff completely unrelated to making a call. Oh the excitement. For silly money. With a shiny case.


    1. A 31

      RE: Be still my beating heart...

      children will dance about outside your window singing "sourpuss" and "grumpy face"


  29. buggane


    I assume that the phoen will stay in beta indefinitely?

  30. Adam T

    No multi-touch

    That's right, it's a 2.1 device and has no multi-touch (a 2.0 feature).

    A one-armed Superman would be toast against General Zod and his crew.

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    spyware ?

    Wonder what spyware and stuff is pre-installed and cannot be removed. Just to help with targetted advertising of course.

    1. Geoff Gomez


      When they release the source code you can have a look can't you.

  32. Lutin

    @Gary F 1



  33. Daniel Owen

    Silly Money?

    Is it really silly money? REALLY?

    Cheaper than the iphone rrp, cheaper than the n900

    And regardless of any "Google will steal my identity and sell it to my neighbour for 3 shillings and a shiny button" comments, it has better technical specifications.

    If you aren't interested in a phone that can do more than just make phone calls, then may I suggest you try not looking at news articles on googlephone, iphone, smartphone etc.

  34. Arthur 1

    le sigh

    Why is everyone acting so indignant just because it's Google branded? It's a hell of a nice phone, and even nicer for the price point (which is admittedly high, but not nearly as high as anything that can reasonably compete with it).

    Marketing bluster is what it is, but this phone is pretty much exactly what it claims to be. Powerful, easy to use and fully featured. Nice camera, nice processor, ability to do whatever you need. Looks to be well on top of the pile.

    Two points for the "innovation" crowd:

    1) Why all the complaints just because it doesn't do something stupid like double as an XBox 360 and 47" plasma TV, or maybe it should be a Cisco router too? :/ It already does more than a rational person wants from a phone, all that's left is to polish it right, which Google/HTC seem to have done.

    2) Most of you seem to be comparing it negatively to the iPhone on this innovation point. Maybe if you had been aware of the smartphone market before Steve Jobs beamed the orders to buy an iPhone into your brain, you'd realize that the iPhone is nothing more than a derivative product itself. HTC has been making things just like the iPhone since 2003, Nokia made the 7710 around that same time, Samsung made the i700, Motorola A1000 and so on. Heck, right as the iPhone was released LG was releasing the Prada and Viewty, which were essentially the iPhone but one far more stylish and the other with far superior hardware.

    The irony of hating on anyone who likes this phone as a mindless Google fanboy while touting your iPhone as some sort of revolutionary (you know, like the guy on your t-shirt) is hopefully not lost.

  35. Matthew 4

    agh :(

    This is making my windows mobile phone look just a tad dated :-S

  36. Tom Clark


    I'm still waiting for the SE X10... if they ever get around to releasing it upon the masses.

    Google schmoogle.

  37. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Supports Ogg Vorbis decoding.

    Will it render Flash content?

    5mp camera with 2x zoom.

    Can I install useful stuff on it - for example putty? Or will I be locked into a vendor cr-app store?

    Can I plug it into a computer via USB and copy files (audio, images, docs etc) to/from it like any i can with other portable storage media - ie without the need to install any additional software?

    Up to 5 hours battery on 3G - well that should be just about enough time to load the BBC news homepage (on o2's 3g network anyway...)

    Being from google will it record my every thought and constantly spam me with ads?

    1. spegru

      If it's like my Hero then yes

      Ogg yes, Tethering yes, USB memory yes, iplayer yes (via Beebplayer from the app store) all the 3G networks yes, FTP from Appstore, etc etc.

      Not noticed any targetted ads yet but I did like/ was slighty scared by the ease with which it picked up my google calendar and my facebook photo.

      I'm beginning to wonder if Google true business model is keep the ad revenue (obviously) and make it impossible for anyone to make any money from anything else!

      Aand this is open source! At this rate MSFT will have to opensource (alot of) windows within say 2 yrs

  38. Doug Glass

    Ho Hum

    Another unnecessary gadget. But it is at the top of my list of the best things not to buy.

  39. The BigYin

    Google will know..

    ...where I go and when;

    Who I call and when;

    What I search for and when;

    What I book/buy on the mobile and when;

    Potentially who I associate with and when (assuming they also have a Borg-phone);

    Pretty much everything about me.

    And they expect me to want their phone?

    Feck that. Feck that very much.

    "Do no evil"? Too late Mr. Schmidt, way too late.

  40. Col 4


    "O2 have got no Google Android handsets nor Orange"

    I got my HTC Hero via Orange...

  41. KitD

    Looks a bit similar to ...

    The Acer Liquid A1 (

    Same proc, but clocked higher than the Liquid (so more power consumption)

    More memory, later OS (though Eclair will be on the Liquid soon AIUI)

    And alot pricier.

    Still looks good mind.

    1. Bogle

      @KitD Looks a bit similar to ...

      The Liquid A1 comes through the letterbox at £356.74, the Nexus One at £362.54 (I took them both through to the checkout on Expansys and Google and converted the $ to £ at today's rates).

      I don't think £5.80 is a lot pricier ... still, £360 is a fair whack for a phone, however "super" (and that's the only thing that stopped my itchy finger from clicking "place order" for the N1).

      1. KitD


        Hmm. Not sure. I believe the quote on the Google checkout doesn't include VAT which will be applied on imports according to their blurb. Anyway, I'm with you; these prices make me think twice.

  42. Andrew James


    Months of hype. And for what?

    Doesn't seem to do anything particularly special as far as I can see. The most interesting feature is with the fact that Google is selling it directly.

    Everything on there has been seen before... except the processor in a phone (i think).

    For them to put it into a brand new "superphone" category is just them blowing their own trumpet to try and create some excitement among people who dont know any better. You know, the sort who would look a choice between phone, smartphone and superphone and assume the latter is the better option because it must be "more " somehow.

    Apparently the AMOLED display has the common problem of making reds and oranges look a lot bolder than they should be, which isnt such a problem as the inability to see anything on the screen in bright, or even moderate sunlight. Not ideal when you have to use a virtual keypad to perform even the most basic task such as dialing a number.

    I think the problem with this is that it was never going to live up to the hype. It's a good phone, but it's certainly not a super phone. Maybe we're all just more immune to the sort of marketing that the likes of Apple et al throw at us... maybe pre 2007 we'd have all fallen for the hype hook line and sinker.

    For me, this is just another phone with a huge touch screen. Nothing different enough to make it stand out. Engadget has shots of it side by side with a couple of rivals and it really would be almost impossible to tell the difference from 20 feet away.

    Hell... 12 months ago my brother in law even asked me from across the room if my samsung touch screen was an iPhone. And almost everyone where i worked until a few months ago thought that iPhone was a generic term to describe touch screen phones.

  43. Jim Coleman


    "the company's main aim is to...feed its online advertising business."

    It's around about here that I stopped reading. Say what you like about Winmo (I have an HTC HD2), at least it's an OS from a company that makes its money from selling OSes. Having an OS designed by an advert seller is bound to lead to your phone being turned into a screamy-shouty-handheld-shopping-mall rather than a functional 'puter/phone. Just you wait and see. Every time you use the Contacts app to find a mate, you'll be presented with an ad for Dateline.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Gates Halo

      Microsoft / Apple / Google

      In spite of their fondness for locking you in (and competitors out) of their platform / toolset Microsoft have never been afraid to offer their legion developers a compiler and development tools.

      Encouraging developers to create software for their OS helped them gain unprecendented market share on desktops.

      Sure Apple would have you believe the mass market want a commodity device that "just works" but thats no excuse for their authoritarian control of what a power user might wish to install / run on their phone.

      And as you point out i'd remain sceptical of a mountain view offering until I fully understood their revenue model. Are they selling you a phone/mobile computing device or are they providing a platform from which to pester you with annoying ads?

  44. Neill Mitchell
    Thumb Up

    One way it could kill the iPhone

    Most comments seem to be focussing on the hardware. Loads of predictable "so what, it's just an iPhone copy" stuff.

    The crucial point here will be the software. If Google allow 3rd party apps to be loaded, then Apple are in serious trouble. Apple's increasingly unpopular draconian closed shop business model is their weakness (and don't give me all the "it ensures QA" bollocks arguments either - it's all about total control with Apple and it will only get worse with their upcoming silly money tablet).

    1. Andrew James

      3rd party apps

      I know half a dozen people with an iPhone. Only one of them even knew you could unlock it to enable 3rd party apps. The others didnt know about it and are perfectly happy with the range of apps that they can get for free or a small fee from the app store. The one guy who did consider jailbreaking to open up his options changed his mind when he heard about the security issues that came about recently with jailbroken phones.

      Outside the world of technology lovers many people just don't care about stuff like that. An iPhone will be bought because it's pretty and does some fun stuff to keep you entertained, and when you get bored of one app, there are plenty more to choose from.

      1. Neill Mitchell


        "Outside the world of technology lovers many people just don't care about stuff like that."

        Erm, I think you'll find they do. Business users, for one. Apple doesn't officially sanction business apps.

        "fun stuff to keep you entertained, and when you get bored of one app, there are plenty more to choose from."

        Well, I guess that pretty much sums it up. The days of trivial fart apps will soon be over. But where are the "serious" iPhone apps? A very small minority (although I'm sure we'll now see a list lovingly trawled from the thousands of crap ones to try to prove me wrong). However, the Wired's top 5 iPhone apps of 2009 listed 3 games, a "measure if you're a moron" type app and some other trivial app I can't even remember. Is that the best on offer for a whole year?

        Plus the Apple rejection rate is rocketing and becoming increasingly mysterious. Even die hard fanboys are starting to complain.

        Android and MS platforms are far more accessible for app development. Plus you won't have to buy them off a single authoritarian vendor who decides what they will allow you to run.

        1. Andrew James

          yes... but

          As popularity increases and everyone who ever looked at HTML4.0 and thought about writing a website for their friends uncle the plumber starts trying to write iPhone apps, of course there are going to be a lot more rejections.

          My employer has 5000+ employees. About 800 carrying a standard issue blackberry. They use them to receive emails while they are out of the office, and either sent a very brief reply if necessary, or follow up with a telephone call as its quicker for a long discussion. If they were issued with an iPhone i dont see how that would make them any less productive... except making it more difficult to type out their quick reply while driving since they'd have to look at the phone rather than feel the keys.

          Given the situation at airports in Britain over the last few days, i think i'd quite like the opportunity to download one mildly entertaining bit of fun after another to pass the time if i were stuck ... rather than stare blankly at the same spreadsheet that Steve in marketing sent over yesterday.

          Delayed in Tunisia in 2003 for 9 hours i played Snake on my nokia. For about 7 hours. I bet there's an app for that too now.

          And surely you dont believe that somehow the open nature of the Android apps publication will ensure a fart free zone? Its even more likely that you will see apps that are there only to serve the person on the train who thinks it funny to belch the national anthem to his mate over the phone. I bet he'll even find a way to create his own Belch-o-meter app, and with no Jobsian overlord to stop him, eventually it will work its way into a Nexus One near you.

          1. Neill Mitchell

            Missed the point

            I never suggested that Android will not also get thousands of crappy apps as well, but at least nobody is dictating what you can and can't install on your shiny and very expensive device. That is my primary point.

            Apple rejections are not going up due to the number of apps being written - we've already seen the peak. They are increasingly rejecting applications that they obviously feel compete with their own existing or future ones or offer freedom from Apple's grip on content.

            Why shouldn't I be able to play my extensive Ogg audio collection on my iPhone or Touch? Why shouldn't I be able to read my extensive collection of .lit, ePub, LRF, MOBI format eBooks as well? The other platforms have 3rd party (and mostly free) apps that allow me to do this. Apple do not and won't allow it. I'm told by fanboys to go and convert all my content. Why the hell should I have to spend hundreds of hours doing that? They are well established codecs and standards, it's just Apple chooses not to support them to maintain their grip over you.

            Business apps do not just mean Excel spreadsheets by the way.

            1. Andrew James

              this could go on forever...

              I don't know whether you have changed my mind, or i just can't be bothered to argue, or driving to work with it being -14 degrees this morning has just made me go numb (windscreen refreezing with heaters/blowers on full power while driving = nice!).

              I'm not going to argue further. You, Neill Mitchell are free to go about your day.

              ps. Incidentally, i am in the market for a smartphone in a couple of months, what would you suggest.

        2. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Get a grip, Neill!

          "Erm, I think you'll find they do. Business users, for one" The one *big* feature that businesses want? Exchange support. iPhone has it. Blackberry has it. Obviously, Windows Mobile has it. Android doesn't - although I believe there are a few "apps for that", but there is nothing like out-of-the-box first party support for something so business critical, is there?

          No-one ever said that all the apps on the App Store are all good, someone's gold is another man's garbage, but there are some real gems on there. As for business app, there are a few, but like most sensible people, I don't see these devices as laptop replacements. They are primarily comm's devices - email, phone, S/MMS and voicemail. Some do each better than others, but it's marginal and really down to preference. It's nice to see competition for the iPhone platform, but as yet nothing has been released that is as paradigm shifting. Will Nexus One 'kill' (commentards, bloggers and jounalists, can we stop with the "x-killer" or "y-killer" monickers please? It's hackneyed) iPhone? Emphatically no! Will it have an effect on the iPhone's markets share? Maybe, we'll see - Android based devices haven't had much impact on the Smartphone market yet and coining a new term "super-smart" won't change that!

          I don't get this hatred of "fun" and "pretty" that you serious business nerds have. Have you *seen* the graphics and quality of gameplay on the iPhone? No-one, not even Apple, expected that! Just because ONE blogzine had games in it's top five apps is a meaningless measure that you picked up on to justify your personal prejudices.

          "Plus the Apple rejection rate is rocketing and becoming increasingly mysterious. Even die hard fanboys are starting to complain." In much the same way that malware is increasing on the Mac platform? Bollocks mate. Pure conjecture on your part. Reporting of rejections is growing because it generates a 'news' story on an inevitable slow day.

          The thing that strikes me is that you are one of the typical nerds that has a pathological hatred of Apple for no real reason (smug 'fanboys' is the normal pathetic reason, yours?). They make good products that recently people have wanted to buy. What one can do with a product ('trivial fart apps' included), how good a product looks and how simple a product is to use play a big part in how well the product sells. So does something that marketers, product engineers and designers call the x-factor. It's an indescribable and unquantifiable quality that any given product has and like it or not, Apple seem to have found a rich vein of it. People want their products. Google, Sony, Microsoft et al are fighting what is essentially good design and lots of luck! Is it running out? We'll see, sales figures suggest not. iPhone is by no means perfect. There are some limitations that are frustrating, and some that are just stupid! By and large though, it's about the best device of this type that I've ever owned and I've had a few.

          Ultimately, there is enough room for all the platforms, which will also promote a healthy and innovative market place. See what happened post 1995 with desktop computing of the Internet with Microsoft's near total domination. Stagnation...

          1. Neill Mitchell


            Hi Mr. Anonymous Coward. Get a grip yourself. Why so much anger? I am not an Apple hating nerd, as you so politely label me. I am, however, wary of any platform/manufacturer/technology that restricts your choice and ties you in.

            Have you actually read Apple's App Store developer terms and conditions? Do you want a single company to own your entire life and dictate what you can and cannot put on your 42% marked up device? If so, then fine and good luck to you.

            A lot of conjecture going on from you as well. As to Wired, I merely selected it as an example as it is well known that it is a very pro Mac publication. I think their reporting is pretty solid actually.

            There is indeed a place for multiple platforms and it's pretty obvious that I'm hoping this will continue. Some of the comments here though seem to encourage failure of this notion.

            Apple has now got domination in key sectors and is aiming to expand on that. Stagnation looming again perhaps? When Microsoft do it they get roundly slated, but Apple get vigorously defended. Just why is that?

  45. Gulfie
    Thumb Up

    I want one...

    ... to sit alongside my iPhone and to develop for in Java. I can then port apps across to the iPhone using a cross-compiler. Result!

    1. Neill Mitchell


      How would you then get them onto your iPhone?

  46. MinionZero
    Big Brother

    @Googlephone or Applephone, lesser of two evils?

    I don't trust Apple but Google are already far worse even now and they are getting ever worse year by year.

    Google marketing Doublespeak about "organizing the world's data", sounds at first oh so helpful, yet their marketing Doublespeak conveniently omits so much, like the fact "data" is knowledge and Google "organizing" also means Google hooking their vast server side spyware system into the world's knowledge, turning it into Google knowledge, therefore their Doublespeak really means seeing and so spying on the world's knowledge. Which is wonderful when we add in the age old concept that "Knowledge Is Power", so what does that really make Google.

    So hell can freeze over before I ever trust such a profoundly power hungry corporation, so they can keep their phones, I won't ever touch them or trust them.

    I think its becoming clear its looking a lot safer in the long run to stay off the Google radar as much as possible to avoid the long term implications (Google two faced marketing tries to make them sound ever so helpful and friendly, with their Google Search, Google Maps, Google Books, Google this, Google that, Google whatever, but lets not forget they also do, Google manipulative Ad Broker, Google state employed spy and Google censorship.

    Google are growing too powerful and somebody needs to stop them but no one will. Google must look like a source of pure power to power hungry politicians so eager to "work with" Google so no one in power is really going to stop Google growing ever more powerful. I suspect Hitler could never have imagined the ever growing power of Google, but future wannabe Hitlers even right now, are already circling the ever more vast information honey pot, that is Google. So if you want to record you life onto Google servers, ready to be exploited ever more in the future, then in the long term, good luck. I don't think there's much we can do to stop the Google Information Black Hole Singularity because so many in power want the power of Google, so sadly its looking safer and wiser to stand back while the Google Sheeple become the Google Pawns who get ever more violated by the growing Google Police State into eventually becoming the first of the Google Police State Victims who suffer as a warning to us all.

    Sadly I'm reminded of an episode of an old 1980s scifi series I've just seen again, where they were talking about the slow almost unseen slide into state control, and then one of the characters said something that struck me how disturbingly true it was. He said, "and then one day you wake up, and find you are living in a fascist state."

  47. This post has been deleted by a moderator

  48. Sam Therapy

    Product names

    May I propose a new colloquial name for this - and perhaps the ones which follow in its wake - Google branded phone?

    The Phoogle.

    Mine's the one with the ancient V3 in the pocket.

  49. Jacqui Smith's DVD Collection!

    err you forgot!

    Does it support multi-touch?

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