back to article Santa sticks up bank to 'pay elves'

Nashville cops are hunting a rogue Saint Nick who on Tuesday robbed a SunTrust Bank because "Santa needed to pay his elves", as the perp explained to staff. Surveillance image of Santa stick-up According to AP, a bank clerk asked the seasonally-costumed customer to take off his sunglasses, but instead he "reached into his …


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  1. Gareth.
    IT Angle

    I know where he's hiding out...

    I'm pretty sure I saw him in my local Debenham's yesterday afternoon.

    Am I gonna get any reward money for this...?

  2. Anonymous Coward


    I like the sign saying "next window please"... it's like saying "don't shoot me, shoot him instead"

  3. LuMan

    Easy Catch

    All the cops have to do is look out for elves driving posh cars, wearing uber-bling and dating supermodels. Simply tail them back and presto - one bad Santa in the slammer.

    Make mine an egg-nog!

  4. Pete 2

    A better reason than

    .. elf and safety

  5. Stratman

    Don't worry

    NORAD have him in their sights

  6. Pollo

    Does this mean

    ...he can be found in a bar somewhere surrounded by Ho Ho Ho's?


    Mine's the one with tinsel in the pocket

  7. Scogar


    Tough Union... the Elves are out of control!

  8. Rob Beard

    Maybe he watched a recent episode of Bones...

    ... where a Santa tried to hold up a bank. Difference is he had a load of explosives attached to him and then he went bang.

    Might have been more fitting if he was dressed as Bob Crachett.


  9. Jason Yau


    flying reindeer must cost a pretty penny

    Mine's the one with the mince pie in the pocket

  10. lukewarmdog

    staff said

    We're so used to being robbed by Nixon, security didn't bother with Santa.

    Wait til Easter when they get robbed by the same guy as the Easter Bunny.

    And again at Halloween when he robs them as a skeleton.

    And yet again at Kwanza when he robs them as a robot.

    Seriously.. they need to sit up and smell some coffee.

  11. Francis Offord

    Peace and goodwill to all men

    Not to mention elves

This topic is closed for new posts.

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