back to article Chinese domain crackdown targets smut sites

Chinese regulators have started to request business licences and paperwork before allowing future .cn domain registrations. The move by registrars at the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) has been welcomed by security researchers, such as Mikko Hypponen at F-Secure (here), because it is likely to make life more …


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  1. EuropeanDomainCentre

    15 million .CN domains too late

    What did they expect? Anyone can register .cn domains at a very low cost. If you are a trademark holder, then surely someone else has already registered your .cn domain and you can now spend some serious money trying to recover the domain.

    Some NICs are doing a great job letting rightful owners of trade names register their domains first. In Latvia they are actually blocking for a registration if a Latvian TM is quite similar. These kind of initiatives are important for protecting a country´s domain brand

    Christopher Hofman

    European Domain Centre

  2. The Black Hand

    Check the announcement

    The actual directive is here:

    There may be clarification from CNNIC whether " and registrant ID (photocopy)." should actually be "OR registrant ID (photocopy).", thereby allowing individuals to register domains.

    We are also awaiting information regarding existing domains & what happens at renewals

  3. Anonymous Coward

    The CNNIC, huh? So is that where the Chinese firewalls are?


    So I guess that when they're not revising Chinese history, they take a weekend to do something for the community....

    PBS plug, namely in reference to said firewalls:

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