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Toshiba's 11.6in Satellite T110 makes you appreciate the fuss Intel makes about multi-core processors. Toshiba Satellite T110 Toshiba's Satellite T110: very, very glossy The T110, you see, has a single-core chip, a 1.3GHz Celeron 743, to be precise, which sits on an 800MHz frontside bus and has 1MB of L2 cache. The 743 is …


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  1. Ian McNee

    Very energy efficient...

    ...8 hours on a 61Wh battery? Hard to believe that even at idle this notnetbook only burns 7W. Shurley shome mishtake...

    1. markp 1

      habeeb it

      I've had my HP TC4200 down to about that level idling after some futzing of the deep-end CPU and power management settings. Granted, that was with the hard disk stopped and the screen turned off, but only using a relatively standard Mobile Pentium 740 CPU and early-gen Centrino chipset. 5+ hours of light browsing in a darkened room (dim backlight setting) off a 40-something battery when it was fresh. Doesn't last quite so well now of course.

      Translate that to something with an LED instead of fluoro / CC backlight, Atom processor (or low-end Cele... (*spit*) ...ron like this) and various improvements in the fields of chipset and disk, and I can't see why it's even unusual these days (bit sad that's so, really?). I'd hope to get something with 6 hours out of my same compact 40-blah battery, medium to full screen brightness and still with better all round performance and response, for less money. I'm skeptical that a 1.3ghz single-core Celeron of any flavour can outcompete even my ageing chip (itself SC but probably with better cache/memory access/instruction set/overall architecture), but I'd be happy to give them a fair like-for-like benchmarking just in case.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Not so much "had me at hello", but..

    ..more lost me at "Intel's GMA 4500MHD".

  3. jason 7 Silver badge

    Get a Dell Inspiron 13z

    Dual core 1.3Ghz, 4GB DDR3, 320GB 7200rpm HDD, Win7 64bit, Geforce 105M GPU, DVD drive, 8cell 8hours+ battery, decent keyobard and trackpad.

    Works a treat.

    1. Ian McNee

      Key-O-Bard: that certainly is a USP...

      ...a singer with DRM perhaps?? Now...warez my coat...

      Apologies *blush*

  4. Firewalker

    Silly Person

    It's not the CPU that's hobbling the system, it's the software. Try running an efficient O/S with efficient software and you can get the system screaming.

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