back to article TechCruncher sues former pad partner

The ongoing saga of the CrunchPad JooJoo couch-potato media pad took another sharp turn Thursday when TechCrunch blogmeister, beer-can recycler, and self-reported CrunchPad JooJoo papa Michael Arrington filed suit against his former partners at Fusion Garage. As a Friday blog post by Arrington makes clear, he remains as " …


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  1. Visual Echo

    Holy smokes

    That's a helluva paper. It would appear that recent articles hailing the Joojoo are now additional evidence. Go, Mike, go.

  2. John Square

    Arrington's funny...

    ... but he did well to get the JooTechPad from vapourware to prototype.

    Having said that: there's a reason that Jobs, Gates, Michael Dell et al. have been at the top of their tree for years: making good, popular stuff (and making it pay) is tricky. Even now when you outsource the hard-to-understand build process, the task of getting something to market isn't as easy as "Think of idea, schmooze VC dollars, speak to manufacturer, hype, watch cash roll in".

    It's a good story though: New Media numpty, after looking at uninspiring tech for years, thinks "hey! how hard can it be?", knocks together some concepts, sells the thing to the sky and back and then gets shafted by the first OEM he hooks up with.

    One thing though: a cynic might claim that Arrington saw the revised MRSP, and wondered if all the grief was going to be worth it. I'd wager he'll do better out of the buzz around the story of how he was robbed by them nasty foreigners than he would out of the pad itself.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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