back to article No Nook e-reader til 7 December or later

Amazon has sold more of its Kindle e-reader than any other products, it claims, boding badly for Barnes & Noble whose Nook won't even be seen in stores until 7 December. Amazon doesn't share Kindle figures, but today announced that the eBook reader with built-in keyboard is its bestselling product across all product categories …


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  1. Lawrence 7
    Thumb Up

    Quality Headline

    Well Done,

    Mills & Boon will just have to wait.

  2. John-Mark Gurney

    Dec 7th? Try Jan 11th

    If you believe B&N's website, it won't be available till Jan 11th. I check yesterday and it said Jan 4th, but apparently things are moving even more slowly. How they can stock the shelves when you can't order it online till after Christmas is beyond me. If you want an e-reader to put under the tree, better buy a Kindle.

  3. unitron
    Paris Hilton

    Didn't really think through the name, did they?

    What's that? A nookie reader with a touch sensitive screen?

    Paris, because she's "touch sensitive".

  4. Fred 24


    Books - tried, tested, and in every house for many a year with no batteries and associated hassles - these pdf viewers are a fad and will fail because many people can tell that these things are merely technology for technologies sake.

  5. Juillen 1

    Only reading?

    A lot of people annotate books (i.e. students, researchers, and people who generally need to do paperwork, but can't really cart a laptop around with them for whatever reason).

    EBook readers make the perfect device to fill this niche..

  6. Sooty

    am i strange

    to just want an ebook reader that just reads books, no music player, no keyboard, no touchscreen. Just cheap and cheerful.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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