back to article NJ teen jailed over Scientology DDoS

A New Jersey teenager convicted of participating in a denial of service attack against the Church of Scientology has been jailed for a year. Dmitriy Guzner, 19, from Verona, was also ordered to spend two years on probation following his release and pay $37,500 in compensation at a sentencing hearing on Wednesday, The New …


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  1. Anonymous Coward



  2. Anonymous Coward


    A YEAR in gaol for a first, non-violent offence?

    Good grief....

  3. Anonymous Coward
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    Ken Livingstone had it right!

    When he banned them from holding a rally in Trafalgar Square "Scientology is a commercial enterprise that harasses its critics, and preys on vulnerable people".

    This view is shared by the larger establishment, they are not recognised as a religion or a charity in the UK, they are however registered with Companies House as Private Limited by guarantee.

    No results shown when searching for Scientology @

  4. Duncan Hothersall

    Guzner denies being a member of Anonymous

    Mmm, yes.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A Year in Jail is a bit harsh

    2 years parole and the fine seems adequate. Such a stupid thing to get their knickers in a twist about, I could understand if they had family or friends in the Church of Scientology and they had changed and this was all some sort of emotional turmoil inside of them, looking to free their friends or loved ones.

    But, let's be honest this is just teenage angst, and they were going after a group that the establishment already sort of frowns upon, and just about tolerates.

    Ohh, that is sticking it to the authoritarians, not.

    In fact it is kinda sad, as the establishment sort of encourages them a bit, this is nature perverted, the Hitler Youth run amok. It is not Footloose, it is not Pump up the Volume, it's not even the Breakfast Club, instead it is an episode of Family Guy, just cringe worthy.

    Remember boys - You Must Respect My Authority! I blame South Park, they just don't get it, and no I am not going to go for the cheap line, because I really think they missed an opportunity to actually go for something that mattered.

  6. Graham Bartlett


    That's not the wider establishment, that's compliance of the CoS with legislation. A charity has various requirements for charitable operation. If you're running an explicitly for-profit organisation, you can't be a charity.

    Which speaks volumes about the aims of the CoS. As ol' Ron Hubbard said, "If you want to get rich, you start a religion."

  7. Juan Inamillion


    You guys really need to get your shit together. Out in the real world Scientology is considered a nuisance at best and a dangerous cult at worst. A year in chokey for first offence that amounted to not much more than a heavy protest?


    Check out what the Germans think:

  8. Trev 2

    Year inside, and this wasn't influenced?

    Now, anyone care to convince the free thinking public that this sentence wasn't influenced by certain powerful parties in high up places?

    Also going by previous court cases of the DoS type, isn't it normally the case that you can only claim compensation if there's been significant financial loss? Really can't see how a web site of a non profit "religion" being down for a day could possibly generate $37,000 in loss....unless they're not quite as far removed from business as they claim.

    Summut stinks and it ain't just Tom Cruise's acting...!

  9. Flugal

    @AC 16:46

    That link is for the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints. That's the Mormons, I believe, which is not the same as the Scientologists.

    All religions are made up, and equally ludicrous IMHO, and I'd be happy to see them all DDoS'd into online oblivion.

  10. theSensibleGeek


    First of all, doesn't the plaintiff have to show proof of financial harm in order to have such a monetary judgment passed?

    Secondly, violent offenders get lighter sentences than this guy...

    Can you say corrupt judge?

  11. Anonymous Coward

    What a farce!

    OK, well when I catch the little sods who took my website down for 3 days, can I have them sent to clinky for 12 months or more? No? Oh I see, only if you're commercial cult, yes they a cult, hiding behind their religious charity mask, with infulence at high levels!

    I despise this attitude that religion is sacred and above criticism, why? I love heavy metal and people have taken the wotnot out of it since I was 12 years old, it's like a religion to me, but I don't see the government jumping to my defence when some prat calls me a long-haired, brain-dead, headbanger. However, you have a pop at a cult, worshipping some bloke who was nailed to plank 2000 years ago, or another one who sat under a tree for a few weeks, and your feet won't touch son!

    Alright, any DDOS on anyone is wrong, but 12 months for knocking off a website for 24 hours? Gary McKinnon is well and truly screwed in that case, he won't see daylight ever again, if the poor sod gets deported!

  12. rc
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    A year in prison?

    They should have given him a medal and a few racks of servers...

  13. Juan Inamillion
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    @What a farce!

    "However, you have a pop at a cult, worshipping some bloke who was nailed to plank 2000 years ago, or another one who sat under a tree for a few weeks, and your feet won't touch son!"

    You owe me new keyboard mate!

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Lesser sentence for violence

    The lesson here is obvious: he should have punched a Scientologist instead.

  15. DavidK

    Epic fail

    When Anon does a raid, you are supposed to say that eBaum's did it.

  16. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD


    I vote El Reg stop their (justified) Anti-Apple slant and focus all their efforts against this greater evil menace.

    I believe Scientology is OVERTLY evil, unlikely M$ or apple, don't you know.

    So please, lots of us read this site. Do the right thing. Start some sort of petition to free the guy or something, he doesn't deserve punishment. Maybe a symbolic smack on the wrist,true, just for the act of DDOSing, but on the other hand, he WARRANTS A FRICKIN' MEDAL. Not a year in the slammer.

  17. Winkypop Silver badge

    If $cientology were a dog...

    It would be found to be rabid, and it would be put down.

  18. frymaster

    stop being paranoid!

    reg commenters! stop being paranoid! it wasn't a heavy sentence because it was rigged, it was a heavy sentence because people are scared of computers, and think "hackers" can do anything they want with some furious keyboard mashing and a 3d visualisation

    the great unwashed! stop being paranoid! this was the online equivalent of putting up a picket line across a company's office front door for the purposes of protest. illegal in the sense that it was an invasion of private property, yes. something to be penalised for, yes. some criminal mastermind invading people's files, no

  19. wv9e

    Poor Guy

    Sums it up.

  20. Mat

    This is not the title you are looking for..

    It is most certainly not a win for common sense. I can see what you are saying. DDoS is a royal pain in the arse but did the attack do any more that annoy an immoral cult? - No offence!

  21. Anonymous Coward


    I would've willingly joined a botnet to be part of that. The scientology cult is evil.

  22. Ihre Papiere Bitte!!

    @ AC "Lesser Sentence for Violence" 01:12

    "The lesson here is obvious: he should have punched a Scientologist instead."

    If they come to my neck of the woods, I look forward to testing this theory....

  23. Chris Hatfield

    Outrageous and unjust

    What this guy did was wrong. But he is just a little kid making a protest against a really vicious and harmful cult. Just look at the outstanding speech made by independent Australian Senator Nick Xeno-someone.

    It's right that he should be punished: Two hours community service sounds like more than enough.

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