back to article Novell targets netbooks with latest OS

Novell has released openSUSE 11.2, just a few short weeks after Ubuntu 9.10 - aka Karmic Koala - landed. The latest version of the operating system clearly signals Novell’s intent to scoop up some share of the nascent netbook market. OpenSUSE 11.2 comes loaded with version 2.6.31 of the Linux kernel, while the default file …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Good luck to them

    Good luck to them. I've been a (desktop) SuSe user on and off since SuSe 8, I've also tried Mandrake (yes before Mandriva) and Ubuntu and a couple of others. I've never understood the Ubuntu hype. But never mind, it's all good, so long as it helps people realise there is an alternative to Vista.

    Meanwhile at work I actually use (open)SuSe as a soft realtime kernel on a high speed comms box. It just works. We'd tried it with MontaVista on a nicely designed little ARM box but the hardware vendors wouldn't let you reconfigure/reflash their kernel ("free" software indeed) which needed some tweaks e.g. for 1ms tick and fully preemptible kernel. So we gave up on that and used SuSe on an obsolete Dell box instead. Piece of cake, do the menuconfig thing and then it just worked straight away.

    I like SuSe, even if I don't know how to capitalise it on any given day.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    downloading now..

    After several years with Ubuntu, and being consistently dissapointed with Gnome and the 10 different (often conflicting) sound set ups.... i tried the last test release and can't wait to get it on my laptop this weekend.

    Sorry Ubuntu, you were great, but Brown is so naff when you look at Win, Mac or any other linux.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    As soon as Microsoft will turn an eye on them

    Novell will squeak and pretend never they never meant to put this on netbooks. Microsoft feels quite a lot of pain these days caused by those pesky netbooks and will not tolerate someone from their pocket, sorry I wanted to say back yard, to add on top of that.

  4. Matthew 17
    Thumb Up

    Installed it this morning

    The longer release cycle definitely paid off, this feels much more polished than previous versions.

    Massive speed boost and glitch free (so far).

    Well done Suse, still think it's by far the nicest distro for the desktop.

  5. Andy ORourke

    Looks good to me

    I mean, I am a typical, lazy windows user and anything slightly different is off putting (even when Microsoft introduce new interfaces into office)

    I Tried Ubuntu, it was OK but I didn't really give it enough time because after it rebooted the screen went HUGE and I couldnt see the username and password boxes so I couldnt log back in to the graphical environment (of course it was sorted after a little searching the web (on my windows PC) and editing a config file but come on, how many average, lazy windows users want to do that?)

    Looking at that screenshot it looks (almost) like a typical Windows layout. I have been saying for years that for Linux to win the desktop it should be easy to set up and look as much like windows as possible (without getting sued of course) and this looks good.

    Of course being Linux it is configurable so that you power users can install a look and feel that emulates CP/M with the command line and everything, recompiling your Kernel to your hearts content. World peace and everyone can be happy!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I'll try Suse again when Novell gets out of the "agreement" with MS. Thank you, Novell, for buying and then killing yet another fine software offering.

  7. McToo

    @Seth G

    Your loss, sucker! This openSuSE 11.2 corpse on my desktop sure looks mighty fine.

  8. elderlybloke

    Sath G good , McToo not so good.

    I love Ubuntu.

    Don't love MS.

  9. Brendan Sullivan

    The best yet

    As a SuSE user since 8.1 Ihave to say this is probably the best yet. The new version of KDE 4 has finally made me stop caring about my old KDE 3 desktop and how can you say now to those lovely shades of green?

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