back to article UK's cyber warriors go into battle in March

The UK's new cyberwarfare unit will be ready for action on 10 March, according to the government. The Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC), located at GCHQ in Cheltenham, will have an initial staff of 19, said Baroness Crawley. CSOC will monitor the internet for threats to UK infrastrucutre and counter-attack when …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    Who watches the watchers?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Budget problems ...

    18 staff and a budget of 130,000? Even if they spend it all on wages, that's a salary of a little over 7 grand.

    These guys are gonna be good.

  3. John G Imrie Silver badge

    Funding for the unit hasn't been revealed,

    Of cause it hasn't.

    No one in the treasury has noticed the reduction in head count yet.

  4. Paul 4


    I hope thats not including wages, or they are employing some low paid people.

  5. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Lack of Leading Government Intelligence is the Abiding Threat to UK InfraStructure.

    "CSOC will monitor the internet for threats to UK infrastrucutre and counter-attack when necessary" ...... The Secret Ingredient in CyberIntelAIgent Security Operations Theatres is to Mentor the Internet with Orders/Programs which Remove and/or Prevent Threats with the Removal and Prevention of Threat Parameters. The Source of any Fire is always the Fuel which keeps it Burning. Remove the Fuel and the Fire Dies Immediately.

    "The Office of Cyber Security, a new unit in the Cabinet Office set up to coordinate policy, is also currently being set up, to be led by senior civil servant Neil Thompson. Crawley said it will have 18 staff and a budget of £130,000 for the remainder of this financial year." ... a Sinecure Quango Steerage Class for Labour Apparatchiks?

    Does anyone expect the obvious decline of the UK over the past ten years to be reversed by the same regimes as have been leading it for the past ten years, for it is still the same people inventing different positions for themselves, in their fields of obvious inexpertise, is it not ?

  6. Anonymous John

    Staff of 18?

    With an estimated 200 billion+ emails sent every day, they'll have their work cut out.

  7. MinionZero
    Big Brother

    "will monitor the internet for threats to UK infrastructure and counter-attack when necessary."

    UK Government, please define "threats" ... then also define "UK infrastructure"

    I have no problem with policing criminals, but I have every problem when its also used for any political power but as usual, they won't be able to resist blurring the lines between the two. So yet more spying and information gathering for political gain.

    So for example, how long before it has a direct feed into the government PR departments so they can counter-attack with political spin and high profile distraction news stories, all designed to distract the majority of people away from important news stories that would have undermined the current government if most people had seen the news. They play this game all the time as it is. Like for example secretly giving literally Police State powers to local councils, which are made even worse by sneaking these law changes past all of us, without even telling anyone (even the police!) about these shocking new law changes. i.e.

    ... oh what UK government, you didn't want people to see that news ... sorry ;) ... after all, how could it hurt for people to see the shocking depths their own government is sinking the UK into?! ... Sorry government, your Ministry of Truth propaganda PR people will need to work a bit harder next time. ;)

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Thats a small bag of nuts they have there

    130£ is a small bag of nuts compared to even a single bankers bonus in thesedays of fail.

    Seriously, to do security you need to have the cutting edge and with that they will only geta small pin-prick of the edge. Its not just about having a bunch of staff and a bunch of kit, its about keeping up with things and that sometimes means silly things like going to , ew I dunno ,, black hat conventions or even th elikes of infosec events. These all add up and I dont want the leets of the UK only being able to eat a peace of toast as they dont have the sane expense budget to get a happy meal when there at such events. Heck next we will be identifying UK security staff due to the fact you can count there ribs, have haggered clothes using a pen and paper to take notes on. Realy fit in there.

    Anon coz those that need to know already knew

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    130,000 for remainder of year

    18 peeps, say 1.5 months to go.

    130,000 / 18 = 7222.22

    12 / 1.5 = 8

    8 * 7222.22 = 57K approx

    777 quid each for their equip.

    They are probably on about 50K.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Fiscal Year

    So, assume it is end of March, and the wage comes down.

    12 / 4.5 = 2.666

    2.66 * 7222.22 = 18 - 19K

    Probably lowest grade civil servants, oh that will be nasty.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Alan Stasi Johnson

    That Times link, can he legally do that by Statutory Instrument? there's only a few things he can legally amend in that law bypassing Parliment like that and those sections aren't included.

    It's not like that hasn't caused a lot of problems. That raid they did where they simply opened every safe deposit box and confiscated everything claiming it as the proceeds of crime. That's falling apart in their faces.

    I find it disturbing that the police changed their claim twice, shopped for a judge, and tried to suppress a judicial review by holding the guys data hostage. (We'll give you your files back if you drop your case)

    Even when they've handed back 80% of the money and tried to suppress claims, they've raided companies repeatedly to try to find some excuse to keep the money. The money stolen, the secret RIPA orders etc..

    Who on earth would travel to the UK or run a business there.

  12. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    With the Future Infinite, there must be so much more to Learn....

    ... for Every ZerodDay brings so much more Discovered .

    It is painfully obvious that the UK Cyber Security Office have no idea how costly a Virtual Assault which is not even an Attack, and is Indefensible, can be. And how cheaply it can be bought off, even when it is in the millions/tens of millions.

    In a rough calculation, £100,000,000 in £100 notes at say 4 pence each is only gonna cost £40,000. Transfer Credit electronically, with no physical medium involved at all, and material costs are zero.

  13. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

    re: salaries

    Maybe they're planning to move it.. I dunno, to India or someplace?

  14. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    And with Infinite Futures and Derivative Trading Arrangements

    Further to so much more to be learned, and using the same simple printed currency note demographic, whereas the £200,000,000,000 [200 Billion] UK Banking System bailout is now Pimped and Touted and Pressganged into the Ignorant Public Human Consciousness as a Debt Burden the Public have to Carry and Repay over Generations which will Enslave them and their Children and their Childrens' Children, and which Sees the Bankers Sitting on an Easily Invented New Fortune, Quantitatively Eased, to Spend Extravagantly at their Leisure on All Worldly Pleasures, .... and you can't really Blame them for the Arrogant Playing and Milking and Bilking of the System and Public Ignorance of the System so, for they are only weak flesh and easily led and perverted and subverted humans after all ...... to have printed and given every one of the 65,000,000 [65 million] UK inhabitants, just £,1000,000 , would have cost only £26,000,000,000 [26 Billion] which is just 13% of the cost which has been Cynically and Deliberately Loaded onto Humanity by the "leaders" of the System....... and all that has been Created with this Great Public Help is a Greater Crushing Imaginary Debt Burden which has Solved Precisely Nothing but which has Now Created for Them a Major Problem for Global Perceptions Management ...... which in Opposition to All of the Above, and in Support of the Present and Recent Status Quo Arrangements/Stalled Stalling Solution, would be easily argued as Errant Self-Serving Waffle and Increasingly Desperate Nonsense....... which would be bound to further Incense and Invite Riot, which would be most unwelcome and ill advised.

    Can you Imagine the Wealth of Industry and Excitement and Invention in New Beginnings which giving and/or creditting [which is a practically zero cost, bank friendly action] every person in the UK with just £1,000,000, would Generate Forever around the World, rather than the Stagnation and Petrification of Markets and Industry and Spirits which they Chose to Impose in a Disastrous Catastrophic Course of Selfish Enslaving Actions Destroying the System, and at roughly 7.777777 times the Cost of Transforming the System and Everyone Lives, Creatively.

    J'accuse. And would propose that the System is Immediately Changed so Easily to Generate Creativity and Freedom from Currency Slavery, Forever. ....... There are none of these stupid, ignorant, artificially created and driven problems on Mars. :-) What excuse do you dream up for putting them down here on Earth. Let's be hearing all the pathetic excuses for maintaining slavery and Inequality with the shifting around of figures used to denote the perception of real wealth artificially.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Blighty pinched the idea from .au

    Blighty pinched the idea (and the name) from Australia, who announced theirs in May and are running theirs from the Defence Signals Directorate, .au's equivalent to GCHQ.


    (Page 86)

    9.87 The Government has decided to invest in a major enhancement of Defence's cyber warfare capability. A comprehensive range of expanded and new capabilities will maximise Australia's strategic capacity and reach in this field. Many of these capabilities remain highly classified, but in outline they consist of a much-enhanced cyber situational awareness and incident response capability, and the establishment of a Cyber Security Operations Centre to coordinate responses to incidents in cyberspace.

    9.88 The Cyber Security Operations Centre will include a continuously staffed watch office and an analysis team to respond to cyberthreats in a timely fashion. Its staff will include ADF and DSTO personnel. This new Centre will be created within the Defence Signals Directorate (DSD), which already possesses significant cybersecurity expertise.

    9.89 While this capability will reside within Defence and be available to provide cyber warfare support to ADF operations, it will be purpose-designed to serve broader national security goals. This includes assisting responses to cyber incidents across government and critical private sector systems and infrastructure. Whole-of-government coordination will be achieved through the appropriate representation within the Centre from relevant Government agencies. Those agencies include the Attorney-General's Department, which has the lead on e-security programs for Government and the private sector, as well as the Australian Federal Police and relevant agencies of the Australian intelligence community.

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