back to article AMD unmasks Opterons of servers future

It's financial analyst day at chip designer and seller (but no longer wafer baker) Advanced Micro Devices, and that's reason enough for the company to divulge a few more details about its future Opteron processors and related chipsets and platforms, due early next year. First of all, the official names of the processors. The " …


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  1. Captain TickTock


    The price premium on 4P & 8P systems goes some way toward explaining their small market share?

    Surely these systems would consume less power than an equivalent number of 2P or 1P servers?

  2. Captain TickTock

    And furthermore

    If economies of scale and price are the chicken and egg here, how about bringing back the CPU and memory daughterboard, using HTX3? Instead of making 1P 2P 4P and 8P boards, They could go for 1P 4P and 8P boards, or 1P and 2P for budget, and 8P for the rest.

    The customer just populates with the number of CPUs they want.

    Hell, AMD, if no one buys the 8000s because they're too expensive (and surely they cost near enough the same to make) - why not give all the Opterons the full number of links, reduce the number of different CPUs, and watch them fly of the shelves? Seed the market.

    And while they're at it bring on the GPU HTX cards.

    If you build it, they will come.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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