back to article Google unleashes internal JavaScript tools

Google's critical mass online, combined with recent years' Web 2.0 fever, have helped consolidate 14-year-old JavaScript in the field of web development. Now Google has released some of the tools it used to build Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Maps that helped in that process of establishing JavaScript as a central player in …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    you wot?

    "a standard JavaScript library - generally lacking in JavaScript - to build large, complex web applications" ... ahem jQuery?

  2. magnetik

    me too

    There are loads of these kinds of libraries. jQuery, Prototype, YUI, MooTools, Scriptaculous and Dojo immediately spring to mind. What will Google's do differently?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @you wot?

    If you read the entire sentence it says it provides "something akin to a standard JavaScript library" etc.

    So I'm not sure what your point is ...

  4. breakfast

    you wot? ( part 2 )

    "Google has released some of the tools ... that helped in that process of establishing JavaScript as a central player in the line-up that is AJAX."

    JavaScript is the "J" in AJAX, so it would be a little bit Ewar Woowar if it wasn't a central player in that.

  5. spam 1

    and to follow up on A.C's post above

    jquery...mootools, prototype, dojo, scriptaculous and yui to list but a few. imho javascript has too many standard libraries....

  6. Dave Murray

    More simply

    "The tools are designed to make the task of building and maintaining the notoriously complex JavaScript faster and more simply"

    Shame they're not designed to make writing correct english sentences more simply eh?

  7. Jon 66

    @vocal opposers

    Why the opposition to anotherJavaScript library? What's wrong with variety and choice in the hands of a developer? Surely the more competition in this space the better and more efficient these libraries evolve.

  8. magnetik

    @Jon 66

    "What's wrong with variety and choice in the hands of a developer? "

    Well, for one thing, it means yet another library to learn and get used to. Have a search for web developer jobs now and you'll see many of them requiring experience with a specific library. Likewise PHP jobs. If you don't have experience with the framework (Symfony, Cake etc) an employer is looking for then you have little chance of getting the job.

    Choice is good, but only up to a point.

  9. The First Dave
    Dead Vulture

    @Jon 66

    I have no opposition to the library, if it is done properly (what's good for Google generally isn't so good for smaller players), but I do object to press-releases that claim to be the best thing since sliced bread AND first to market, when they are neither.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not sure what all the fuss is about

    JavaScript is perhaps one of the more intuitive programming languages, it is not that complicated.

    Another layer of abstraction is just not needed, it is so easy to build your own abstraction to fit the task at hand then bother to rely on some form of pseudo generalised abstraction.

    JavaScript libraries or toolkits just lead to bloat, instead you should create your own toolkit for the application if it warrants it.

  11. magnetik

    Re: Not sure what all the fuss is about

    So, what, reinvent the wheel with your own bloat just to fulfil a simple need? Sure, let's all start from scratch, why would anyone need to use a programming library?

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