back to article All-in-one PCs to replace desktops, claims Asus

Asus has forecast that sales of all-in-one PCs will soon overtake those of traditional desktop PCs. Eric Lee, Manager of Asus’ Eee Top all-in-one PC range, told Register Hardware today that the “all-in-one PC will replace the traditional desktop within the coming years”. Asus Eee Top 2002 Asus' Eee Top 2002: pushing aside …


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  1. Stuart Archer


    I for one have a hard time that they will 'replace' traditional desktop PCs. This strikes me as pure marketing gumf from Asus. What about graphical designers who need large, high quality, often multiple displays? What about those of us who have our PC plugged into our TV's at home? To name but two.. Fair enough, they may take a chunk of the market, but they will never fully replace a standalone PC.

  2. Mark Aggleton

    @Stuart Archer

    That's being a tad vertical in your opinion. We have around 4500 desktops in our business and I reckon possibly 100 of those have multiple monitors. Can't see any reason not to go All-in-one if the price is right - unless the VDI market actually settles of course.

  3. Simon Buttress
    Paris Hilton

    All-in-1 PCs

    Aren't they just iMacs?

  4. Ascylto

    Behind the times

    I've had all-in-one computers since 1998. That's 11 years ago!

    They're called iMac.

    Next, Asus will be telling us that floppy drives will be replaced soon.

  5. Doug Lynn

    laptops out sell desktops all ready so all-in-one PC will not reign!

    Hi, everyone knows laptops are out selling desktops. A all -in-one will never be able to replace a desktop for gamers, who constantly are upgrading, until they make very upgradeable laptops and all-in-ones.

  6. Hans 1 Silver badge

    All-in-oneS? WTF

    I do not think they will overtake conventional pc's. Tower PC's are popular because you can re-use parts that will fit in any other machine, even built by different manufacturers ... the all in ones use laptop technology - which means you can migrate hard drives, ram, wifi cards etc pretty easily, but try and replace a faulty graphics card, right!

    All in ones are bad for the environment, because when a chip breaks on the mb, you are often better off dishing the whole thing and getting a new one because the prices of the mobos will be/are very high. Then again, companies buy small form factor Dell's and the like already, with weird moobos etc ... I never understood those cretins who spend our hard earned profits on crapware like that. Thank god I work for a company now where the syssies have half a brain ... and we get propper towers ...

    In the unlikely event of the sale of all-in-ones taking off, I see Apple getting the largest share of that, anyway, since they have decades of experience in the matter and when it comes to design, they are the firm that cannot be beat. Asus, you fail and even if you end up being right, you'll still fail ... LOL

    Mines the one with the FreeBSD manual in the pocket ...

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