back to article Americans promised all you can eat Twittering for $99

Millions more Americans will now be able to engage in SMS inane babble and update the world on their lunch habits with the official launch of the TwitterPeek, a handheld device that does nothing but let you Twitter. Unfortunately, UK Twitterers standing by to defend the honour of Stephen Fry and/or the baboon genus will have …


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  1. JWS


    Money for old rope me thinks.

  2. Mart 2


    What's a "dataplane"? is it how they send your tweets around teh interwebs

  3. Russ Tarbox

    I'm speechless.

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  4. david bates
    Thumb Down

    Every bit as useful as the Amstrad Emailer

    "Alternatively, they can cough up $199 and get unlimited Twittering for the lifetime of the device. Though presumably they are not actually predicting the lifetime of the device will be approximately 18 months"

    Or presumably until the company goes bust due to their truly vacuous products.

    Seriously - a device that ONLY do emails or one that can ONLY twitter? Hmm...I'll stick to my trusty N73, which can do both* and a whole lot more.

    *except it will never Twitter, obviously - if I ever found myself with an urge to Twitter I would bite off my thumbs...

  5. Chris iverson



  6. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge


    Huh. Even among the most costly carriers here, unlimited texting (and picture and video messaging..) is $20 a month. And $5 gets 250 "outside" messages plus unlimited within my carrier, $10 gets 500 "outside" messages.. I'd really have to tweet A LOT to get my money's worth out of one of these (and I don't tweet at all.)

  7. David Webb


    The thing is, within 18 months will twitter be "old hat" like MySpace is now, replaced with another service, in this case Facebook?

  8. Fluffykins Silver badge

    $99 to look and sound like a prat!

    Thanks, but no thanks, Mr Fry or no Mr Fry.

  9. I didn't do IT.

    New toy?

    Service provider or not, regardless what this is running, I feel a Linux overwrite project coming on to make this do something REALLY cool/interesting(/twitterable?!).

    Finally a low cost PADS device?!

  10. The Indomitable Gall

    If it's only on Amazon...

    If it's only being sold by Amazon, maybe they're piggybacking Whispernet.

    Economies of scale, and all that....

  11. charlie wallace


    I picked up a peek, email variety, for the grand total of $4.95, but only for the purposes of seeing what its capable of hack wise.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    Taut Title Tans Tubby Teutons

    That should make for some interesting hashtags...





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