back to article Nintendo hints at free DSi 3G connectivity

Recent comments by Nintendo’s CEO have sparked speculation that the gaming giant’s upcoming Nintendo DSi XL will offer free game downloads over an integrated 3G connection. Satoru Iwata reportedly told the Financial Times that he’s “interested” in Amazon’s Kindle model. The online retailer provides free 3G access to the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    but will it....

    ... international like the kindle (well, for 100+ countries if I understand it correctly)

    ... will nintendo be able to delete games/movies/pictures they deem unacceptable from their point of view (the kindle have this *feature*)

    ... will it support download resume? (no really would will it?, the major problem I have with digital distribution (I am looking at you PSN) is that whoever is designing the downloader, never seem to have heard of p2p and it's ability to resume download and making sure that the download is 100% as it should be no matter what happens to your machine during the download session!)

    otherwise... I'll drink to that

  2. Dave Murray


    "cost of connectivity is covered through the device price"

    “the user doesn’t bear the communications cost,” Iwata said.

    "the DSi XL’s price ... could rise as a result"

    “it would increase the cost of the hardware"

    So which is it Mr Iwata? No comms cost or you pay the comms cost up front with a more epensive device? You can't have it both ways.

    And how good will your coverage be in the Highlands of Scotland? Or a remote island somewhere? Why would you're customers pay more for a device if they can't use the features they're paying for because they don't live in a city?

  3. Alex 32

    Finally - A sane Exec

    "However, he stressed that the launch of such a service is just “one option for the future”, adding that he thinks it will “take a long time” before the industry in general moves to digital downloads."

    Finally, someone that isn't shy to state a realistic view. Bistari Bistari :o)

    Proceed with this nonsense at flank speed

This topic is closed for new posts.

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